Discussion: Secret Service Officer Arrested For Destruction Of Property

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So I guess the Secret Service is filled with men who are basically the equivalent of Chief Wiggums. If I were Obama, I might think about sleeping with a gun under my pillow because I’m not sure those knuckleheads are up to the task. They’re more likely to shoot themselves in the White House bathroom while taking a dump.

Not to worry. A rigorous new training program is in place, and the new recruits will provide reliable service.

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So…what did they brake this time?

What property did he destroy?

Don’t laugh too soon… if these are rodeo clowns you might be surprised at how well they protect!

Petraeus still has his clearance. Ponder that for a moment or two.

There’s a strong argument that the professionalism of the Secret Service has decayed markedly since it was moved from Treasury to Homeland Security. That has to be part of the explanation. A loss of tradition and history.  Although extremely stupid by any objective measure, it’s an astonishing fact that forming the Department of Homeland Security is one of the least stupid things accomplished by Bush administration.


They work for Homeland Security instead of Treasury, therefore they are compelled to behave like a bunch of spoiled brat 13 years olds with unbalanced hormones? Huh.

They don’t look rodeo.

Homeland Security seems to just non-compartmentalize the stupid. Harder to track.

The bill that created DHS both pulled the Secret Service out of Treasury and folded the Diplomatic Protection Service, which had been pulled from State, into it. In Treasury, it was the premier “public face of the Department” agency. In Homeland Security, it’s just One More Agency With Guns with a more diffuse mission scrambling for resources and attention among a bunch of Other Agencies With Guns in a Department with which none of them have any sense of history or pride or identity. In Treasury, it was the pet agency of the second ranking cabinet secretary. In DHS, it’s scrambling for the attention of the secretary of what’s basically considered a dysfunctional clusterfuck that has, time and again, failed to meet the expectations and intent of the law that created it because it never stood a chance of wresting any turf away from powerful agencies it didn’t get moved into it–CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, the NSC.

Imagine moving the Green Berets out of Fort Bragg and into the Pentagon. Imagine the effect on morale, on the basic mindset of the Special Forces and, worst of all, its leadership if you took a unit that that thought of itself as an elite frontline force and told it it was now just one more bureaucracy in a turf-battling nest of bureaucracies. That’s what we’ve done with pretty every agency we’ve moved into DHS. The whole department has been exactly the kind of trainwreck you’d expect of any attempt by Republicans to make government work better. The whole thing ought to be unwound, TSA moved to DOT and all the other agencies moved back to the departments from which they were taken.

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Those are all excellent points. But it doesn’t speak volumes for the maturity or integrity of Secret Service personnel that they cannot manage to act like grownups, especially given their very sensitive mission, no matter which dysfunctional agency they are under.

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Organizations, particularly organizations with guns, are no better than their leaders and leadership. In Treasury, advancement in the Secret Service was accomplished through excellence because Treasury prized excellence in that agency. In DHS, going along to get along careerism lightly dipped in fake machismo appears to be what gets you promoted.

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My comment was meant as irony/humor… with a respectful nod to real rodeo clowns.

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And I was referring to the clowns in your picture.
They don’t look rodeo.