Discussion: Second Fairfax Accuser Says He Acknowledged Alleged Assault In College

Fairfax’s political career is over. He should decide to spend more time with his family (if they’ll have him), and find something else to do. Probably outside Virginia.

(Do I believe his accusers? I believe that they are telling the truth as they know it, and that they are not delusional. They may be wrong about some details, but I strongly suspect that they are right about the essentials. I do not put much stake in the polygraph that Fairfax took, because it was carried out by someone he (or his lawyers) hired, and the operator knew how the people paying wanted the test to come out. And it may be that Fairfax actually believes, or has convinced himself, that he didn’t attack either of the women. But it’s much more probable that he did. And, no, proof beyond a reasonable doubt is not necessary.)

This. Now if only one of those old white assholes who serially abused Christine Blasey Ford had had even the most rudimentary level of decency equipping them to say the same.

It sucks.


Nobody is arguing much about the details, just whether it was consensual or not. And it’s troublesome that Watson doesn’t want the criminal investigators to look into it (the DA apparently reached out to her in February), but rather try things in the court of public opinion.

We have a Justice system for a good reason. If Fairfax is guilty of these, he deserves to pay the cost, for sure.

But he has a right to have his case heard, and given that both cases can be done in courts, unlike Dr. Ford’s, that’s the right place for them to be.


Court proceedings would take forever. Look how nothing’s happening in Bob Kraft’s case, and it involves misdemeanors.

A legislative investigation would be highly imperfect, but if carried out carefully, it is probably the best way to go at this time.

As for consent, from what I’ve heard so far, only in his mind.

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I have mixed feelings about someone not wanting a criminal investigation at this point. On the one hand, it’s not a strong position, but on the other hand, there’s a long and disgusting history of law enforcement investigating sexual assault allegations, especially in cases where there isn’t much or any physical evidence. And “there’s not enough evidence to be sure of getting a conviction” would be taken as exoneration.

I’m sure you saw how the hearings on Dr. Ford’s case turned into anything but an actual attempt to get at the facts.

It’s a very poor venue for this sort of thing. These women deserve to be heard, and he has the right to mount a proper defense.

Watson’s case, in particular, should have more weight and details that can be investigated. She claims that she told at least a couple of people right after it happened. Those witnesses would be brought in by investigators and interviewed.

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Meredith Watson also accused Corey Maggette, a basketball player. As I understand Duke University is conducting a separate investigation in these sexual assault cases, that presumably took place while Watson, Maggette and Fairfax were students. I think that law enforcement will be involved in evaluating this case.

Kraft case is solicitation, very different case than Fairfax.

Title of this posting is misleading. Acknowledged what assault? Please make correction.

Oh, I know that. My point was that his term would likely expire before a criminal trial.

The fact that he chose to assault two women whose history of past assaults he knew makes him even creepier and more of a deliberate predator in my mind. Virginia, my native state and former home, deserves far better than this in an elected official.

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