Discussion: Sean Hannity Attacks New York Times For Use Of Anonymous Sources

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Yeah. This from Mr. Journalistic Integrity himself.


The dead fanatic Ahab, lashed to the white whale, with one waving arm still beckoning his followers forward to their doom. Plus which he ain’t too bright. He may honestly not see where all this is inevitably heading. Eejit.


How dare the NYT report based on anonymous sources instead of just making stuff up like I do!, an outraged Sean Hannity ranted to his viewers before “informing” them (based on nothing at all) that the NYT content was a leak by the special prosecutor’s office.


Hannity and the republicans have NO sources to back up anything …ever

Once Bush JR played up ALL this voter fraud BS the GOP was totally freed from reality…


Well Sean, my anonymous sources informed me that your anonymous sources are full of shit and that all the colonoscopies in the world won’t clear it.

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Of course, Sean Hannity uses the best sources that aren’t anonymous. Just ask the family of Seth Rich.

But be careful! Hannity might be like Bill O’Reilly and send the Big Badass FoxNews Security Battalion after you!


I’m sure Shady Sean will walk back this nonsense fully when it’s revealed tomorrow that Dotard’s team was the source of the “shameful leak.” Then he’ll apologize for every other lie and bullshit self serving thing he’s ever said.


Yes, when Trump is revealed to be the source of the leak, then Sean will say it’s “standard operating procedure” - like breaking into a doctor’s office and taking his medical files.


Well, the list was compiled and was given to the NYT by the Trump team. But, the important thing is - the information is true (a concept Hannity might not be familiar with). These really are the areas of inquiry that Mueller wants to explore with Trump. Any competent lawyer could have come up with a similar list.

And so what if Mueller’s team really had made the questions public (they didn’t). What’s so disgraceful or subversive or deep state about the public knowing what kind of things the president is going to be asked about? This investigation is a matter of public interest.

Gotta disparage and call the motives of the special counsel into question however and whenever we can, right Sean?

A thing I found interesting is that none of these questions go into Trump’s business dealings, except a couple about Russia that are related to the inquiry. Leaving those for SDNY or Schneiderman?


Or leaving those to be asked of the younger Trumps … ?

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Sigh. There are two problems (well, at least two) with Hannity’s crap:

  1. As others have said, how do you accuse the NYTimes of using anonymous sources based on this –

Hannity said that his own sources — which he did not identify — told him that “The New York Times is full of crap.” “This is how bad the press in this country is,” Hannity said. “They are being fed lies and misinformation.”

  1. But even more, Mueller didn’t give Dowd the list or any list. He told Dowd the areas they wanted to explore, Dowd took that conversation back to “the team” and Sekulow (sp?) compiled it into questions. Those are the questions obtained by the Times. Mueller couldn’t have released them because Mueller never possessed them – they were always solely in the possession of Trump’s so-called legal team.

My money’s on Giuliani.


Took the words right out of my mouth…er, right off my keyboard.

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Hey, another fellow unicorn fan, I see!

/s :joy:


Still trying to remain relevant, huh, Seany…

Wait until he finds out the questions were leaked, in all probability, by Trump’s lawyers. His head should explode on that one.


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Actually, when that revelation comes to light, I suspect Sean will be uncharacteristically silent on the subject.

Nothing worse for a liar than to be proven outright to be a liar.


Fox News has published another article defending President Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, using an anonymous source and without mentioning who wrote the piece.

The piece entitled “Trump, Kushner never blackmailed Scarborough, source says” was published Friday without a byline and cites a single, unnamed source as denying that a top White House aide had offered MSNBC Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough with an ultimatum—apologize to Trump for the liberal network’s negative coverage or face a hit piece in the National Enquirer. Scarborough claimed on his show Friday he had received the warning via a telephone call, but Trump tweeted later that day saying it was Scarborough who approached him to stop the upcoming National Enquirer story. The [anonymous] source cited in Fox News’ article appears to corroborate Trump’s account.


Mine too. Timing and (lack of) style fit Ghouliani.

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Poor Seany .

I guess, better anonymous sources than real sources and fabricated quotes, huh Sean?

Then it all fell apart. It took Fox News over a week to retract this baseless story, during which it devoted a significant portion of its primetime hours to disseminating it. The final nail in the coffin of the Seth Rich-WikiLeaks story was driven home earlier this week. NPR’s David Folkenflik reported that private investigator Rod Wheeler—who was prominently quoted in the story–was suing Fox News, Fox News investigative journalist Malia Zimmerman, and GOP financier Ed Butowsky (who hired Wheeler, supposedly on behalf of the Rich family). Wheeler’s lawsuit alleged that Zimmerman and Butowsky had invented his quotes and that, shockingly, Butowsky had discussed the story with White House officials, including Trump, before it was published.