Discussion: SCOTUS Schedules Arguments For Major Abortion Case

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“”“a thinly-veiled effort to cut off access to abortion”""

Yes that is what they are. It works like this. If the law allows abortion you just do an end run around the law and make abortion impossible. Either way people can’t do what you don’t want them to do. They don’t have a choice because you don’t want them to. And when you run for election you do so as a “rule of law” and “freedom” loving Conservative.


Riddle me this; what other medical procedures require the state’s “interest”? Yes, there are general laws and regulations regarding the medical industry, and hospitals, doctors and clinics must meet certain basic requirements regarding sanitary conditions, etc. That’s not what this is about, this is about restricting womens’ legal right to an abortion. It’s not a sound legal argument, but it would no surprise me to see the troglodytes on the SC try to make it a constitutional issue. It’s all about keeping them “barefoot and pregnant.” Welcome to the sixth century.


Question for one of our legal eagles: how has Kennedy ruled on abortion?

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… how broad a state’s “interest” is in restricting abortion…

That seems sort of easy, right? A state’s interest is in its citizens’ health. Any regulations regarding abortion should be in service of women’s health, nothing more. Bring in some doctors, get testimony from the AMA, see if these regulations are supported by the medical community. If they’re not, they’re unconstitutional. Right?


There’s no veil.


There is. In the form of a bogus concern for medical safety. None of these people give a shit about the medical aspects of abortion. They don’t want folks to get abortions. So the feigned concerns ( veil ) about “conditions” and the imposition of impossible to meet standards to make abortion an impossibility since it can’t be made illegal.


It doesn’t work like that. The standards for a hospital are approved by the States Board of Medical Examiners or Medical Board. Legislatures have a role in that too. But most of that stuff is found in the Sates Administrative Codes and those are promulgated by the Board. But…if your Board is full of wingnuts…there you have it.

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This is why SCOTUS appointments matter. A less politicized court would simply refuse to hear the case, noting that you can’t just make up medical requirements in order to harrass a woman trying to exercise her rights. However, we have several justices in the tank for the pro-fetus movement due to years of partisan hackery on the right.


I canvassed for John Kerry – it’s so disheartening to think what might have been.


He always writes the opinion, because he’s the swing vote and the four liberals join him. But because he’s the swing vote, it usually ends up endorsing some new incremental tightening.

Abortion is a Constitutional right, the continual agitation is bad for the law, stare decisis, but federalism, state interest in regulating blah blah blah. He’s all about teh federalism, is Kennedy.


Texas needs to be more concerned about all the deaths caused by dentists (none of whom have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital). Dallas News has been doing an expose


I’d like to know how much time and effort these anti-choice crotch sniffers expend on restricting the freedom of women versus how much time and effort they expend trying to do something to fight domestic abuse and hunger.


Just waiting for the RATS of SCOTUS to break out into a rendition of “Every sperm is sacred” from Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life”.


You are forgetting the PrecioussssssssLifers’ credo…

Protect the fetus
We’ll starve the little bastards physically, psychologically, and educationally …


Won’t anyone care for the fee-fees of the states’ rights?


Theoretically, people are precious. Practically, meh.

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Wonder if wasted ejaculate will be considered murder…

Think of all the potential babies that have been washed down the drain, or ended up stains.


I hear you. That’s why GOTVing for Obama was so satisfying. Still is.


Next November we have a chance to toss the politicians out of the doctor’s office. We cannot fail to act, because we all know the consequences! Vote!