Discussion: SCOTUS Opinions Are Coming Today

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What kind of bullshit reasonings will Scalia and the Supreme Corporate Court dream up today?



EST? We’ve been on Daylight Time for almost four months.

SCOTUS just broke Twitter, I can’t access any new tweets.

Amazing. Both decisions announced today are unanimous.

On Presidential recess appointments - Presidents have broad powers, but can’t use them in a recess of less than 10 days. (I have hated recess appointments no matter the President)

On buffer zones around abortion clinics - Laws can’t establish a “buffer zone” that include public sidewalks.

Buffer Zones

Recess Appointments

Buffer zones are constitutional, they just can’t include public sidewalks.

Hobby Lobby decision will be read at 10:00 Monday

Prepared for SCOTUS to bless discrimination against women’s healthcare. Oh, please, corporate employer, can I have more contraception?