Discussion: SCOTUS Allows Arkansas To Enforce Law Restricting Medicated Abortions

And the state will wonder why they can’t encourage people to move there.

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Why does the court ally with a small minority of Americans who do not respect that others have different views of what’s moral.


If you want to help women in Arkansas, point them to abortionpillinfo.org and/or plancpills.org.

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I swear to fucking god I am moving to Ireland.


My daughters are asking me if I have my UK birth certificate (yes; folks emigrated when I was four), my grandparents birth certificates (yes) and my parents’ marriage license (yes). They are seriously considering an appeal for UK citizenship.

I will stay and vote and fight. But sadly, I have lost faith in America, or more accurately, in American institutions. Perhaps I’ll get it back someday.


I’m thinking about whether the kids should emigrate to effing germany, that’s how bad things have gotten.


As long as they aren’t Jewish.

Anti-Semitism has gotten bad in Germany again to the point where one of the nation’s top rabbis has told Germany’s Jews not to wear their version of a yarmuke in public.


Well, they killed my grandfather for having jewish parents, so then maybe not…


Yeah what is getting me down for real is that it isn’t just here. I could handle it if this was just our mistake but the whole fucking West is going through some kind of deja vu nightmare.


Why do five Catholic males do what?


Do they all oppose capital punishment, too? I hadn’t noticed.


Same here. Well, they held the line against a dark age once before; it’s looking like they may have to do it again.

And if another SC seat opens while Trump is in office and the R;s have the senate, you’ll have Brett Kavanaugh, another Catholic male who went to an all boys school and has limited experience w/ women as equal humans.
This is his reward for actively participating in 2000 Bush takeover and the Ken Starr/Bill Clinton affair.

Nowhere in Europe is safe. That’s a false hope.

Why would they want people to move there who support abortion rights? GOP control of Arkansas is better assured if y’all stay away.