Discussion: Scott Walker: 'Wildest' Thing I Did In College Was Drink Beer, Never Weed

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Somehow, I just don’t believe him. For some reason that I can’t explain, I believe he’s well acquainted with roofies, and how they’re used. I’m just waiting for somebody, or somebodies, to start coming forward and make him the Bill Cosby of Wisconsin.


I didn’t think he was even in college long enough to use the restroom?!


Maybe if he’d have smoked weed he’d have actually graduated.


I don’t believe him, either. I also don’t much care.

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I dent believe him - virgins usually don’t describe “marijuana” as “weed”. They usually call it
“marijiuana” or “pot”

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Just goes to show he’s all in on the conservative side. Really, the only thing you imbibed in college was beer? No jello shots, tequila poppers, pina coladas, daqueries, margaritas, etc.?

What a dick.

He is one of the stupidest looking people and when he opens his mouth and talks he sounds like someone with a stuffed nose (perhaps because of that deviated septum)


The wildest thing Scott Walker did in college was pay a small fortune to attend an expensive, academically lax private school, get publicly humiliated for cheating in his race for student body president, and then randomly drop out with a year’s worth of credits left to achieve so that he could focus on his personal ambition of being a career politician and water carrier for financial elites. Wild stuff. Conservative values in action! What a role model.

Note to the national press that may be tempted to buy into Walker’s folksy persona: Laziness, cheating, lying, and personal enrichment are not actually middle-american, mid-western or Wisconsin values.


Hey I just had my first jello shots at a Xmas party last year and I am a senior citizen

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Walker, contrary to the hip, friendly ‘new’ Republican faction leaders, stands proudly and boldly astride the ashtray of history, neck deep in roaches and ash from all parties.

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Congrats!! Respectfully, anyone who went to college after about 1980 almost certainly had them. I imagine that will include ‘edibles’ for the current generation of college students.

I don’t need to smoke pot to look stoned. As is evidenced by EVERY SINGLE photo of me. Ever.

Scott Walker


I called it Cannabis sativa, but then again, I’m a botanist. Love me some binomial nomenclature. “Tish, you’re speaking Latin!”

Oh, yeah, Scotty is a slacker sine qua non. Latin, I love it.

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Then what explains his not graduating college?

Even assuming this is true, if anything it makes me less likely to vote for him. Not because not smoking weed is a bad thing; just because he wants to hold himself up as being superior to others on the issue. I care what kind of person you are now and what kind of politician you’ll be, not whether you smoked pot in college. And for the record I didn’t smoke pot or drink beer in college, and still have never smoked weed–I was about the least wild person ever. It does nothing to improve my qualifications to lead today.


Smoking weed with this tool would’ve been a buzzkill.

Scott Walker actually went to college?

Seriously, what did he do on Spring break?

Another member of the genus Cannabaceae is Humulus Lupulus better known as hops, an ingredient of beer. But Walker wouldn’t be aware of the close relationship between these two plants.

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Good to know he never drank weed

Smoked a bunch
Ate a bunch

But never drank it.