Discussion: Scott Walker Promises To 'Wreck Havoc' On Washington As Prez

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Did anyone check the spelling of the title of this article? Does it matter? “Wreak havoc” or “wreck havoc” means about the same, right?

Yeah, we get it; Walker hates unions, especially public employee unions.


The headline voices my deep concern that while the founding fathers intended a government where every part of the nation sends its best to govern, we now have a sizable portion of the electorate choosing their candidate not by what good they can do, but how much damage and suffering they can inflict.

No form of government can stand against sabotage from within.


The havoc that Walleye might wreak would be mostly attributed to his continually burrowing intellect.

I seem to recall that D.C. has a lot of one way streets. This alone will be confusing for him when trying to get from one place to another.


“Wreak havoc” is perfectly acceptable English. “Wreak” means to bring about, so to “wreak havoc” means to bring about havoc.


That’s just more republican entrenchment shit. Unions dues that end up in PAC’s usually go to Democrats. That’s why he did it in Wisconsin and that’s why he wants to do it in DC.

When America was great it had strong unions. It had no charter schools or private prisons. Inequality was half what it is today and we had no history of torture or elective war. Our Cops had no military equipment and people paid their taxes.

I agree with the GOP…“Take America back”. Like your computer says…do you want to use your last settings that worked

Edit: recently a few big unions tried to intimidate the Democratic Party with “don’t take us for granted” crap. OK…perhaps the AFL and Fed Employees Unions can work for Walker.


Give him some credit. He finally said something truthful!

Or to paraphrase Rick Perry: Even a GOPer is honest once in a blue moon.


Governor, I served with Donald Trump. I know Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a friend of mine. Governor, you’re no Donald Trump!

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Except that he thinks he is Ronald Reagan.


Everything Midas touched turned to gold. Everything Walker touches turns into a train wreck, including his own campaign.


I would expect nothing less from someone so clearly unable to articulate any rational policies in his campaign. It will take Trump two tweets to wreak havoc on little Scotty.


Just the Washington? I will guess the entire country and the world…


OK, equally apropos (you could insert almost any name): Governor, I served with Ronald Reagan. I knew Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was a friend of mine. Governor, you’re no Ronald Reagan!

I do know the correct word.

Did you notice that it is spelled correctly in the article and INcorrectly in the title?

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There’s actually a term for that: Kakistocracy. Government by the the worst, most incompetent people.


Ahh…Nope, I missed that one. Good catch.

The problems in Washington have to do with the politicians not the public employees.


Walker! Providing the worst solutions to nonexistent problems for the express purpose of arousing the GOP outragetariat.


So Scott Walker essentially says, “If elected, I promise to do grave harm.” That’s supposed to persuade us to support him?


He might be. Reagan also wreaked havoc. Tripled the national debt. Sat idly by while 29 members of his administration were convicted of crimes. Did nothing about the AIDS crisis.

Being the “next Reagan” is not a plus…