Discussion: Scott Walker Faces The Toughest Gubernatorial Race Of His Career

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When asked what the odds are that Evers will beat Walker, the soft-spoken Lawton laughed.

“Damn close to 100 percent,” she said.

Oh please let it be so.


Walker: Poster boy for everything that is wrong with the Republican Party


Scott Walker – The Musical!

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Expect a lot of Koch and GOP PAC money for Walker, etc.


Evers strikes me as the milkiest of milquetoast old white dudes. Maybe that’s a good thing in this election. I don’t know but it really speaks to how weak the Wisconsin Democratic party has gotten at the state candidate level.


Scott Walker is a dirty, corrupt Koch-sucking politician who only has his own interests in mind. Sleepy Wisconsin should have woken up to that fact by now. Beautiful union state was sold down the river by that piece of shit. Time to come home to your roots.


The Wisconsin GOP has been running against “Milwaukee” (read “blacks”) for decades. It’s Trump’s racism, just more subtle.

But if the choice is between fear of the unknown black planet and the very real costs of anti-worker, anti-education state policies, it looks like Wisconsites are finally ready to vote for their interests.


Evers may look like a liberal college professor who goes bird watching on the weekends and thinks it’s the most fun thing in the world, but he has done something that Dems in WI have struggled to do: make himself a credible statewide candidate that Indies can vote for. It might be a right place, right time thing, but he has polled well up and down the state and he has actual statewide appeal. For anyone looking to change how things have gone in WI, Evers is a very comfortable choice.


“Evers isn’t the most charismatic or polished speaker”
Yeah, but this is Wisconsin we’re talking about, doncha know?


Cheese CURDS, not cheese cubes. Jeez…


Evers will be the next governor. The primary in WI is a closed primary, so a lot of unaffiliated folks never even cast a ballot yesterday. I don’t know the break-down, but I would imagine if one is a conservative, they’re registered GOP. The rest of us that may not want the party designation may lean more toward progressive and liberal. That can only help Evers in a couple of months.


You’re so very right. I’m from Illinois, and when Tommy Thompson was governor (recall he later became Dubya’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development) the constant cry of suburban and rural Wisconsinites during my vacation visits was “Those people from Chicago (yeah, it’s code for anyone of color with a Land of Lincoln license plate) are moving to Wisconsin for the good welfare benefits.” Stoking such Cheesehead beliefs was what eventually helped catapult Walker into office.


I hate Scott Walker’s face. Both of them!


Not tough enough. Not until he’s gone AND forgotten.


Walker’s popularity isn’t what it once was — public polls show he’s never fully recovered from his aborted presidential run, and the polarizing figure’s numbers are underwater for the first time heading into an election.

Wasn’t he the first major candidate to drop out of the race? Wasn’t it extremely abrupt? I have wondered for a while if there was more to that story - like backing a different (then front runner candidate), and being approached to step out of the way to start clearing a path - with some kind of promises (offer of a choice office perhaps). Pure speculation on my part - but I have always wondered what was going on behind the scenes.


Wisconsin Democratic primary voters were offered something like a dozen candidates on the ballot, and there were a number of others who had already dropped out and endorsed Evers. He may not excite you but he didn’t exactly win by default.


Begging the author’s pardon, but Platteville, WI is about 22 miles northeast of Dubuque, IA and not across the Mississippi River from it.

And Walker may publicly ‘hope’ the Foxconn deal will help him in the fall, but the polling figures tell a different story.


Nothing sneaky behind the scenes. He ran a stupid campaign, performed badly in the early debates, and couldn’t raise enough money to pay the bills.


Polling shows him beating Walker.
I’ll take more of that kind of milquetoast.