Discussion: Science Was Absent From The Hobby Lobby Ruling

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Science? It doesn’t matter what science says, these religious radicals don’t believe in science.

Plan B is not the abortion pill. There is an abortion pill, but Plan B is not it. Plan B prevents conception it doesn’t abort anything.

But like I said, they don’t care. They won’t listen to anything that has anything to do with science. They only care about their messed up interpretation of the bible.


Kapur simply does not get it. The rightist majority in the Supreme Court has abandoned the pretense of legal reasoning. Their goals could not be clearer.

If only someone ‘stood up’, then …, then … . Then: nothing. Their job is to supply a rationale for certain policies. Does Kapur imagine they’re not up to it? That they will, with a few verbal changes, suddenly feel constrained to interpret the law as written and intended?

Reality beckons: answer its call.


We all know the history of Catholicism and science. Given our current SC, it makes plenty of sense.


NAFTA, the repeal of Glass Steagal and now allowing science to be ignored by religious fanatics. Yet more examples of the damage Clinton did to this country and yet another reason I won’t support Hillary.

Their religious beliefs are wrong, too.

Hormonal contraceptives are good. IUD’s are good. Family planning is good. Safe, legal abortion is good. I would dare speculate that the pill alone has improved more total human welfare then every religion, everywhere, combined.

All this beating around the bush treats Hobby Lobby as if their opinions were valid, respectable and worthy of accommodation under law, but they’re just not.


Clinton is not solely responsible for any of that.

Every hear of veto-proof majorities?
Or a different political climate?

And if you won’t support Hillary because of something someone else did 15 to 20 years ago, you aren’t smart enough to participate in politics.


Alito attended a science once. But the psychic couldn’t make contact with his dead loved one…


@vlharpley…being that we ONLY have Two Choices in our Political System, whom will you support for Pres?


Are you asking people that believe in a god in the sky who created the world to distinguish between non-fertilization and abortion. Are you kidding me. And those people are the judges!!!


Why on earth is this article paired with a photo of Obama and Biden? I know the Administration argued the case, but really.

And why isn’t anyone talking about impeachment of some members of the Supreme Court - they sure are not ruling per the constitution on this matter, or others.


The cabal of conservative judges have been as subtle as a 12 gauge shotgun blast in their elevating of corporation’s rights over peoples.


Because they’re prettier than a picture of Scalia and Alito?


The reason why we are absolutely doomed as a species is because we are unable to overcome the problem of the best and most reliable actionable and pragmatic information being translated into knowledge by the members of our society who decide the fates of us all. This is the essential fatal weakness of our species. We relinquish control of our collective destiny to some of the most ignorant, mis-guided, evil-minded members of our society–who will drag us all down into the pits of inescapable despair, echoing the cry: “It might have been different…” From across the thousands of years that homo sapiens has painfully learned the lessons of survival, they have not been institutionalized to the extent that they can save us from a handful of ignorant bastards who not only know nothing–but lack the skills to ever know anything.


Is Mrs. Alito still crying?

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"“The whole purpose of RFRA is to honor people’s religious beliefs and so science steps out of the doorstep in RFRA,” Rosenbaum said. “The wonderful thing about being religious is you can believe all sorts of irrational things.”

That is well and good as far as it goes for you. I could give a shit what crazy tooth fairy stuff you live your life by. But when you interfere with MY freedom, and try to impose your ridiculous beliefs on me at swordpoint–then we are going to have to fight.


I believe I can fly!


“…a religious belief doesn’t have to be scientifically sound…”
Am I missing something here?


Not if you read it as yet another obituary for irony.


Catholicism has actually been quite accepting of science–especially compared to the sort of Christians who (for example) home-school their kids to prevent them from getting any science education.
The business with Galileo was a long time ago. The current pope used to be a chemist.

Scalia and Thomas are corrupt, women-hating Tea Partiers who should have been impeached long ago. Their Catholicism has nothing to do with it–Sotomayer’s Catholic and she didn’t vote with them.