Discussion: Schumer Explains Why Indiana Law Is Unlike RFRA He Introduced In '93

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Thank you, Senator Schumer. I suggest you give Joe, Mika, and the entire Morning Joe crew a call, because they were deep into the “it’s the same law Bill Clinton signed” mantra this morning. Do they not have a research staff - or are they like a disturbing number of wealthy New Yorkers who get their news from the NY Post?


“The federal RFRA was written to protect individuals’ interests from government interference, but the Indiana RFRA protects private companies and corporations.”

The federal law was written to protect individuals, the state law protects companies like Chik-Fil-Hate.


Meanwhile, the Teabaggers are going “Just wait 'em out, they’ll give up.” and go back to telling the kids to get off the lawn and complaining about hippies.


And meanwhile businesses are streaming out of Indiana and conventions are booking elsewhere.

Pretty good chance that tax revenue from Indianapolis has been funding services for the rural folk. They’re in for a shock if this stays in place.


This is the presumptive Senate minority leader talking. Good. He’s showing what the tribe would call chutzpah.

Because of these significant, legal differences, the Indiana RFRA in no way resembles the intent or application of the federal RFRA. As the signer of the bill, Governor Pence should put a stop to it immediately.

Don’t hold your breath, Chuck, don’t hold your breath.

Someplace in Indiana ten or so years in the future"

The Quaker store in the mall is refusing to to sell to veterans because it is against their religion to support wars. The Baptist store down the block is refusing to let anyone who has a past practice of dancing into the building. The Marriot is requiring its employees to seek insurance for hepatitis separately because as Mormons the owners can’t be seen as condoning drinking. The Catholic Hospitals are turning women away because they might have had abortions and are most likely using contraception and – oops – they are also turning fertile men away because they might have induced the need for abortions. Meanwhile the Unitarian Universalists can’t sell to anyone of the above since bigotry is against their religion.


Schumer is right: Once you decide to engage in the public arena what your custormer or your employees do with their pay and their private lives is none of the employer’s business. Your method of accessing birth control if you desire it should not depend on whether or not your employer has converted to a particular faith.


When the Morning Joe crew and too many in the MSM just repeat Pence’s Wall Street Journal screed that “it’s just the same as the law Bill Clinton signed and 19 other states have,” then more progressives need to speak the truth often and loudly. I was yelling at the TV so much this morning that the dog hid under the bed. These so-called “journalists” and “reporters” really piss me off with their lack of factual information and context on almost every story and issue.


Tell that to Justice Roberts.


Just so a Facebook post doesn’t become his version of a sternly worded letter (although I do think Schumer will fight more like Harry finally did).

Wait for it…

“But corporations are individuals too!! The Supreme Court has said the constitution protects corporate individual’s constitutional rights just as much as people’s individual rights.”

I think they see facts as quaint anachronisms that shouldn’t get in the way of their ratings.

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The proof is in the pudding. Schumer’s law has been around since '93 and Pence’s law will be lucky to make it a month without major revisions to either look just like Schumer’s or be completely erased.

Pence’s law is just the same in every way in other words except the intent and the target. Just two little differences, that’s all.

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All the hotels and motels require a certified marriage certificate to rent a room.


WaPo, Dana Milbank, link to the whole thing if you’re interested.

It has long been said that the most dangerous place in Washington is between Chuck Schumer and a microphone. And now comes Superstorm Schumer: The man with the biggest mouth in Washington is about to inherit one of its loudest megaphones.

This is a welcome development for a Democratic Party sorely in need of a competent strategist at the top. The Obama White House, and to a lesser extent Democratic congressional leaders, have been guilty of felony message-bungling in recent years. And Schumer, who introduced a campaign-style war room to Democrats’ legislative operation in the Senate four years ago, has the sort of discipline that has eluded his party.


Mika and Joe… Douchebags…

I need to calm down…I’m going to YouTube to find cute kitten and puppy videos for a while.

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Schumer doesn’t want straight people to discriminate against gays because gay people need banking, too.

Full disclosure; I don’t generally watch cute and kitten puppies, but I will watch this any time I can.