Discussion: Schools Near Militia Showdown Site In Oregon Reopen

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According to the Oregonian, school may be in session, but county office buildings and the school’s district office is still closed and schools in the area have bolstered their security.

Sounds like “some return to normalcy” to me. NOT!

Thankfully, the kids will have to make up only one week of school.

So, Ammon Bundy and his little band of nitwits aren’t impressing anyone with their fight for “constitutional freedom.” Instead, they’re seriously disrupting the daily lives of citizens presumably, and ironically, on whose behalf they’re protesting. Just hilarious.

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So what’s the problem? The militia guys barely went to school and look how they turned out.

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Why were the schools closed in the first place? The NRA told me that more guns = safer schools.

will they be collecting supplies for the intrepid demonstrators as part of their community service projects?