Discussion: Schiff: House Intel Committee Needs More Resources For Russia Probe

Schiff said he will work with other members on the panel “to do everything we can to prevent two separate reports” with different findings along party lines.

Well, I guess that's decided. There are going to be two different reports with different findings based on party lines.

Republicans: "What is this 'Russia' you speak of?"

Oh, yeah, like that’s happening.

Unless, of course, there’s Gooper-internal pressure. Maybe McTurtle will poke RAyn in order to wind up Donnie.




Essential Schiff:

Don’t expect anything definitive from repugnican obstructionists.


Trump: No money. I need all the money for my security and golf outings. My family is suffering. We are even using toilets which are not even gold plated.


Ryan can’t have the committee produce actual findings, as they will potentially contain his own name.


The timing of this isn’t great either. The GOP is suddenly going to decide that money needs to go to the crisis in Houston and any Democratic request for anything else will be labeled as an attempt to let Texans die.


And like everything else that’s good and decent in this country…this is where this committee, and probably a few others, will go to die. The Republicans will just starve it to death like they do everything else they don’t want to fund or get any special attention. No money allocated to fund the committee? No investigation worth its salt, on a shoestring budget, will be forthcoming. Sucks to not have the pursestrings. Time to play hardball for a fucking change, Democrats. When you gonna realize this??

I wonder what the statutory obligation of the Treasury is as to funding Mueller’s investigation? People fear Trump engineering his dismissal. Maybe it’s possible all that’s required is starving it of money?

Fuck, I"m worried he’ll pardon himself and everyone else even before they’ve been indicted. You know he can do that, don’t you? I was aghast when I heard that last week.

I almost wish I hadn’t heard that on cable last week because that means fucking Rump also heard it. Its the only place he gets his information FFS.

The earlier the pardons the better. A President can’t pardon someone for future acts. The fear now is people refusing to give testimony, even under threat of a contempt citation, as they’ll trust a pardon is coming for it a la Arpaio. If Trump pardons people early their later refusal to testify will be subject to contempt charges not covered by the pardon. Additionally, the corruption Trump is involved in is so convoluted and widespread there have to be many crimes that are not Federal in nature, hence not subject to pardon. State banking laws for one. Russians washing money through Trump properties might be a conspiracy New York can prosecute, the President be damned.

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