Discussion: Schiff: 'Another Deeply Disturbing Fact' Revealed In Trump Jr. Meeting

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I can tell it’s gonna be another long, sleepless night for me, as the Friday news dump continues through my sleeping hours.


Where are the Republicans? How can they stay so quiet and excuse so much interaction with our biggest global enemy?

They should have their American Flag lapel pins forcibly confiscated until and unless they renounce their support of Russia.

Sen. McCarthy, we found your communist sympathizers. And they ARE your party today.


I love the fact that Mr. Schiff is keeping un-relenting focus on this.

Particularly since he knows far more from his intelligence briefings than he could ever reveal, at least for now…


And then there’s KAC…

Conway: Hillary Clinton ‘one of the only people’ who believes in Russia collusion

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Conway said, is among a handful of people still clinging to theories of collusion.


Adam Schiff for President in 2020.


I’m just going to start calling him President now. It’s a very comforting thought.

ETA: It occurs to me that there’s an interesting distinction between a Ben Sasse, who acts like a potential President in an essentially false, hollow, performative way, and Adam Schiff, who is actually doing the things a person who embodies what we used to call Presidential timber does. For thousands of years we’ve shown respect to people who do what they say they’ll do. I hope Schiff is emboldened to run; it would be a proud moment to cast a vote for him.


I’m already starting to call Beto “Senator O’Rourke”


Average contribution $44.00. 81% of contributions from inside Texas.


Right now they are operating under “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”…

The enemy is Hillary, her “enemy” is Pootie.

There Is no thought of country or patriotism. It’s all about power and greed.


Littlegirlblue steered me to an article in the New Yorker about our situation in Texas. The demographics are going left and have for awhile and yet we have the same situation that the country has - we’re being led around by a small group of fanatics that we can’t get rid of. The majority in Texas is ready to get them out of there but we try and can’t seem to be able to and it’s exacerbated by the hordes of inland California conservatives who are moving out of California because it’s too liberal and they are moving to Texas - that’s what is causing the boom in Dallas.

It’s disheartening as fuck.


It is time for the Supreme Court to step in. Chief Justice Roberts should annul the results of the 2016 election because the vote and the election were rigged by a foreign power. The results are unconstitutional and illegitimate.

Likewise, Neil Gorsuch was appointed by an illegitimate President who is a traitor and acting on behalf of Russian intelligence. He should be asked by the Chief Justice to resign immediately following the annulment of the 2016 election results.


Remember the current Russian kleptocrat oligarchs are a direct product of Reagan’s neoliberal ideology wrecking the USSR’s peaceful transition to social democracy. So they’re much the same kind of people as the GOP (and most of the dems for that matter).


You should know better Congressman Schiff; there is no such animal as a ‘former’ Intelligence Officer.


I agree with you but we’d have to have a SCOTUS willing to craft new law that allowed an election to be nullified. We don’t have anything, no procedure exists to do this so they’d have to be willing to do it and I don’t think this SCOTUS will.

They would if we were talking about a Democratic administration but we aren’t.


Catnap…now, quick!!

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“This was very standard. I’m proud of Jr.'s being so transparent when he lied about being transparent. Believe me, when he tells Hannity ‘That’s it - that’s all there is,’ well…that means there’s a lot more. And when I say there were no meetings, well…you know that’s a lie, right? Something might happen, and we’ll see if it happens, and if it happens it might be good, who knows. Make America Great Again! Winning so much we’re getting tired of Winning!”


While we’re on a dump of Wish Lists, I’d like to ask three (at least) GOP Senators to declare themselves to be Independents and to vote with the new Independent Caucus and the Democratic caucus,

Accordingly, there would be new leadership in the Senate. Most if not all Committee Chairs would be replaced and the Committees’ staffs would have to be refreshed. Many GOP members’ assignments would be changed.

A Special Committee will be establishing, like the Watergate Committee, and the majority coalition would appoint members. The GOP would have input but no decision-making power.

All of his should happen. Where there is a will, there are ways.


‘They should have their American Flag lapel pins forcibly re-attached to their f*cking tongues…’




As if it’s ever been about anything else, you mean

Which is why I think that Schiff and the rest of the Democratic leaders are doing only half the job they need to do on Trumpp/Russia. For the most part, Americans are still viewing the issue as a partisan Dem-vs.-Rep issue.

What’s needed, IMO, is more effort to emphasize the divide between Russian interests and American interests. We’ve heard plenty about illegal immigrants and legal refugees bringing crime and terrorism to America, but Russian mobs are among the most powerful and destructive criminal groups in America. Furthermore, those mobs are intimately connected with the Russian political leadership that wants to influence American elections. And, rumor has it, Russia has thousands of nuclear warheads aimed at the US right now.

It is clear to me that neither our elected Democrats nor the party organization put much into supporting Democratic priorities by influencing public perceptions that are indirectly related to the policy/political issues of the moment. It may be that the officials and the party are not the best vehicles for such influence (though I think there is a lot they could do), but I’m at a loss for alternatives. I don’t think our country would be well served by a liberal duplication of the alternate-reality monster the conservatives have constructed, even if we could somehow build that.

The world is full of people smarter than me. I hope some of them figure out some effective counters to the massive misinformation machine of the right.