Discussion: Scarborough Defends Biden: He's Showing He Can Work With 'Most Repugnant'

Biden should say specifically what the outcome of their “working together” is. Any good bills? Or is it just going to Senate to “work together” every day?


Obama tried hard to work across the aisle. It wasn’t lack of ability that led to failure - although he sometimes was too trusting and gave away the farm - it was more that those he was trying to reason with were not susceptible to reason or compromise. Pelosi started out trying to reach compromises, but got nowhere, and she has extraordinary abilities and experience in getting things done.
That’s not to say that there must be a Democratic candidate, or President, who is as rigid and ideological driven as Trump and McConnell. Rather, the candidate need to be someone thoughtful about how to work in the less polite and gentlemanly political climate in Washington that exists now. How do you create policies that excite people? Touting your ability to work with repugnant racists - including speaking at the funeral of at least one of them - is not all that appealing, especially with his recent inability to grasp why his invasion of women’s personal space was inappropriate and objectionable.
Of course i’ll vote for him if he’s the candidate. And I don’t yet have someone I strongly support in his place. But I want someone who seems tuned into the present and isn’t afraid of talking policies.


Scarborough made some points that can be considered and debated. But the one point that he didn’t address was Biden’s unfortunate and hurtful statement “He didn’t call me boy, he called me son”.


A democratic president isn’t going to get much of anything done unless Congress is with him. In this climate, that means a Congress controlled by the democrats.

A sad reality.


Biden gaffes versus the Orange Turd.

No brainer.


This isn’t going to work, not in 2020 and not in 2024 if Dems don’t take the WH this election.

At this point it’s all or nothing, we need everything (WH, Senate, House) because if we don’t get it in 2020 The Turtle will continue to block everything and kill every bill.

There is no reaching across the aisle there is no working together. Maybe in 8-10 years that we might swing back to the middle, it’s not going to happen now.


God help me, I mostly agree with Joe Scarborough. And I’m not exactly thrilled that Biden is the front-runner right now.


Sorry Scar, anybody can work with REPUGnants. However, can they accomplish anything when only one side of the equation is being honest in the effort? I think not. This is not one of Biden’s finest moments, never was, never will be.


For current GOP pols, getting nothing done is a hugely positive outcome! They obviously want to appoint more conservative judges and outlaw abortion, but other than weakening government regulations wherever they can, I can’t think of anything else they want to do. GOP pols seems fine with the notion that no major legislation will be passed in the next year and a half.

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Clearly the Neville Chamberlain of our time.

anyone who has been around for a while knows segregationists exist,if they get elected to office, then they are who you have to deal with…you work with who is there, not who you wish was there., reality is tough…people like CORY BOOKER and his REPARATIONS nonsense really need to just go away.

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Reaching across the aisle is one thing and generally to be welcomed, but to have given the eulogy at Strom Thurmond’s funeral? Was there no other aging out segregationist senator available? But I’m still hung up on what Joe said here, so what do I know.

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

Repeating myself from another thread: I’m guessing that Biden has never been called a nigger (just a hunch). Consequently, “boy” wouldn’t sting as much even if Eastland had used that (ahem) endearment.

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I cringe at that quote (and the eulogy), and then I defer to Obama in judging Biden’s character. Obama knew and knows Biden personally, which I do not, and the former has a much more sensitive and nuanced nose for casual racism than I will ever possess.

I don’t begrudge other folks for evaluating the situation differently. We’re not trying to give Biden a pass/fail; we’re looking for the best person out of 300-odd million to take on Trump and then run the country. Those are very different tests.


Sacrificing true progressive/liberal policy initiatives in an effort to get republican approval is the most cherished accomplishment any establishment Democrat can achieve. Showing the world just how much of a republican a Democrat can be is a badge of honor to the establishment Democrats. Biden simply did what only “Serious” Democrats strive to do every day: Move to the Center, Then Move Right of Center, Then Embrace Right-Wing Policy…all in the name of comity, bipartisanship and cowardice.


Just a hunch here, but I’m guessing that you don’t share Booker’s heritage of economic inequality, social expropriation, and educational deprivation.


Once again Democrats form a circle and fire away!

This reminds me a bit of the Jeremy Northern playbook. Demand resignation! Foam at the mouth! Outrage!

For God’s sake, people. We have a REAL RACIST in the White House. Get over yourself. Corey Booker is running to knock Biden off the top spot. Understandable, but this is just political hyperbole.


These attacks on Biden are part of the normal attacks a front runner gets.

Biden is aware that some 65% of the electorate want a president that can reach across the aisle. It’s not pretty on the other side. But, unless he can work with the rethuglicans nothing will get done - no progress on infrastructure or anything were there might be some common ground.

I really don’t care if Biden wins even though I am to the left of him. Any Democrat that wins the WH will have to work with a Republican senate. Any President will have to move to the center to get anything done. If you can convince me that there is any chance the Dems can win back the senate, I’ll be more likely to care who ends up as the Dem President. For now, anybody but Trump.


You could try to get one of the man’s names right…