Discussion: Scalise On Recovering From Shooting: It Was Like ‘Rebuilding Humpty Dumpty’

OK, Steve, what have you learned from this?


Beat me to it. Was just going to put $10 down that no epiphany occurred.

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Let’s take a moment away from the snark to be thankful that he survived.


Mr. Scalise -

Does what happened - specifically you failing in your Rambo moment, the moment for which you’ve hoped, and prayed and postured for your whole life - does that make you a failure as a man, a Republican, an American, or all three?

It’s nice to have health care isn’t it Steve?


Yes…OK done.

Thanks. Fellow human beings and all that, no matter how much you disagree with what they do and say. You can point out the ironies but I think in situations like this getting the empathy out of your toolbox is more effective for the cause.

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Yes, I hope he is well on his way to a livable recovery, and will not have to file for bankruptcy. It’s wonderful what modern medical practices can accomplish when people have access to it.


One of my most favorite favorite scenes from Family Guy of all time haha

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After this personal crisis, Steve, do you intend to continue serving as D.C.'s second biggest asshole?

" The Sekna Memmit is SACRED. Did I say that right, Wayne?"

What, was Scalise packing heat when he got shot?

I did have to rummage way deep in the toolbox, I admit.

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Welcome back Steve, sincerely, no snark.
What happened to you and the other victims that day was awful, sad and a black eye to the secret service if not a disgraceful tragedy and embarrassment for the entire nation.

Ok, now snark.
What is your opinion again about allowing citizens with multiple arrests including domestic violence to purchase assault rifles? While we’re at it, did you know you can buy them in the south east at gun shows without a background check? uh huh

Do we ever learn anything from these events? No?

Sorry, but my schedule’s full, and thanking the universe for a worthless piece of shit continuing to live so he can mess up my life and countless other lives isn’t something I’m willing to do in my off time.

And on behalf of taxpayers everywhere (who pay for your fabulous health care coverage) …“You’re welcome, Steve”

Was he? And if not, why not? I hear being unarmed is basically being asking for it - see ‘gun free school zones’. And if he was armed, why didn’t he save the day?