Discussion: Saudi Spokesman Says No Sign Of Radicalization In Tashfeen Malik

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No radicals here, we exported them all.


The Wahabis are the dominant sect in Saudi Arabia since an alliance between the mullahs of that sect and the royal family greased the way for the House of Saud to the Kingship. Wahabis are in no way “liberal” or moderate but rather adhere to an austere fundamentalist version of Islam. Many there with money have contributed to terrorist outfits.


This report completely disagrees with other information I have read, such as this story in the NY Times, http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/06/world/asia/tashfeen-malik-suspect-in-california-attack-remains-mystery-to-relatives.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=b-lede-package-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news
They state she moved to Saudi Arabia as a young child and only returned to Pakistan to go to university. That’s confirmed by relatives in Pakistan. Also, when she got her fiance visa, they had police reports from both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, which wouldn’t have been necessary unless she had lived in both countries.

I don’t trust the Saudis as far as I can throw them.


I’m not convinced the Saudi’s are a true ally of the US since they are in fact providing financial support to Isis…so, I don’t think this spokesman statement has any credibility at all.


Nothing matters until President Trump speaks.


al qaida? ok. yeah, our bad.

this crazy bitch? no way!



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They certainly were happy to marry her off to an American and shipped out of their country. I’m not buying it. The dictators in charge of destroying their region are shipping out all their “problems” to the rest of the world while they continue to live like kings.

Assad is getting support from both Shiite and Sunni dictators because they don’t want to be the next ones to be dethroned. That tells you just how corrupt they all are.

Females can be nutty too----or observant to the Muslim cult that promotes violence against the West. We do need to get to the bottom of what should be fixed in the vetting process. And then we should REALLY FIX OUR GUN PROBLEM so guns and ammo are very difficult to acquire yet still protect the rights of Americans to possess one. (And I do think we need to restrict the number of guns as well as the ammo purchased over, say, a year, unless one wants to register as a collector and have the guns collected permanently disabled. And I just don’t care if that drives down the value of a collection—just…don’t…care.)

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Indeed, that’s because this was only a “report” on what the Saudi spokesman said…not an actual investigative report like you read in the NY Times…


Assad is getting support from both Shiite and Sunni dictators

AFAIK he’s getting support from Russian dictator Putin. If you consider Iran a dictatorship, which I don’t - it’s a constitutionally-established representative democratic republican theocracy, with the theocratic oversight enforced by state-supported security forces, not a dictatorship - then I can see your basis in thinking the Assad regime is support by ‘a’ Shi’ia dictatorship; but I’m not aware of any other other Shi’ia-centric governments in the region other than Iran and Iraq, so I disagree with your blanket assertion. None of the oil-sheihkdoms, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, supports the Assad government, nor would that make sense given not just the KSA but every member of the Saudi extended family is Sunni, and there’s been no news reports of any credibility at all that any Sunnis support the Assad regime.

Of course, maybe I’m completely misinformed on all this and you have information that’s not just counter-intuitive but also not publicly available. Would you care to share your basis for it?

and the financing of mosques/schools that teach the most ruthless form of islam…
and are major financiers of isil.

but, other than those connections, the saudis hands are clean.

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We keep looking at these Jihadist the wrong way. When we look at the Religious matrix that they subscribe and wholeheartedly adhere to then their actions and motives become clear.

They believe that the End Times are here. That Jesus is returning soon. That the False Messiah is here among us as historical fact. Which also means the Mahdi is here.

Daesh is a cult like the Wahhabi, but they do not consider themselves dissatisfied or angry. They are merely foot soldiers working for the End of Days and waiting for Mohammed to return and enter Final Judgement. They’re no different than any Christian who also believes we’re living through the Biblical Apocalypse and that “Gods Law” needs to be applied to all of Society. You know stoning women to death, gruesome Capital Punishment, religious strictures of how you dress and religious constraints on your sexuality.

See “What ISIS Really Wants”: (a long read but worth it)

Don’t think Christians have anything in common with these Jihadist? Check out this Christian’s t-shirt at the beginning of this video lecture about the coming Apocalypse. That’s right. He’s wearing an image with an assault rifle daring Society to “Come and Take It” from him.

The End Of The World - Revelation 1 - Bible Prophecy DVD Part 1

who are the sunnis supporting assad?

Al-Turki says millions of foreigners work and live in Saudi Arabia, with many enrolling their children in schools in the kingdom. He said he has not heard of any cases of them being radicalized

I call BS.

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And I believe this because the Saudis are our “friends”!

It seems that in all Muslim countries there is a ‘government’ that appears to be in charge, make payroll, maintain a military and run the police state. Underneath that is a shadow Muslim government that is more or less savage depending on the tenor of the greater society. These governments are absolutely terrified of their own people … their own majority populations are afraid of their own people. Many of these states exist only as criminal enterprises masquerading as nations.

Believe nothing they say at face value.

Remember, this is the Saudis. Their state religion is a virulent, toxic and barbaircally violent form of Islam. The Saudi monarchy signed a constitutional pact with the vicious and hateful prophet abd al-Wahhab that they would wage jihad on his behalf for all time. Even today, the main icon on the Saudi flag is a beheading sword. Many religious Saudis consider funding ISIS, al Qaeda, Boko Haram charity and their religious and patriotic duty. They behead people in the public square to show how just and sharia they are. No wonder this wahabbi hack thinks this heartless murder was not radical enough by Saudi standards.