Discussion: Sanders: Trump’s Tax Avoidance Is Proof Of America's Corrupt Political System

…annnnnnd, Bernie? This is the part where you tell us that HRC is going to do a better job cleaning up the swamp than Trump would ever do.

You know, push the nominee of the party that you are nominally part of?


Dishonest Don is pushing the idea that he alone can fix the tax system. Like most of his ideas, they sound better in the original German: Ich, ich allein!

What that mostly reveals is that Penn, Fordham and the New York Military Academy utterly failed in educating him about American government. Trump alone can’t do anything. All revenue bills must originate in the House of Representatives. Little Paulie Ryan will necessarily be a huge yuuuuuge part of any attempt to change the tax laws.

Who believes that Little Paulie has the least interest in changing the tax laws in a way that makes them fairer?


Yeah, I didn’t think so either.


Trump: If everyone was as smart as me, no one would pay any tax. None. That alone will cause the equality to go up and pay increase for everyone. I gain nothing as I dont pay any Federal Income Tax anyway.

What stuns me is that the people who support Trump don’t get that his behaviors, his gaming of the system, are why they are screwed and so frustrated with the system.

When he says, “I know the system, I’m smart, I’m a good businessman” he’s really saying, “I screwed you over and took money that should have gone to small business owners and their employees – people just like you – and made myself rich.”


Trump supporters are the exact same flag wavers that elected Bush II and Dick Vedar – twice. They totally bought the country club white boy does John Wayne scam. They also bought the whole Iraq War scam, and the majority of those US soldiers who were killed or maimed over there were their sons and daughters. They also bought the GOP trickle down scam. And the rich got richer and the 99% struggled. Nice.
Next these GOPers FINALLY realized they had been chumps. So what do they do? What they do best. Get scammed. This time they chose a facist clueless mentally ill egomaniac. A new level of stupid has been achieved.


I guess this is the part where I ask if people have watched the full interview :wink:


“That is why people are angry and want real change in this country.”

IF that is true THEN why does he have so many supporters? Yeah, it’s ALL about economic insecurity…

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The “genius” of Chiselin’ Trump is that, by having not paid income taxes over the past several years, he increased the amount of income tax that the rest of us losers had to pay.

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Not at work, I don’t.

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STFU Bernie!!! Everytime you talk about a “corrupt” system you influence those (primarily young idealistic millennials) who see Hillary as no choice. Your campaign is one of the reasons that she may lose. If millennials fail to vote, or vote for Johnson or Stein, you will be largely responsible. Talk about how ridiculous Trump is. Do not echo his “rigged system” nonsense!! PLEASE!!!

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Except, you know, the part where he tells his supporters to vote for her?

Who believes that Donald Trump has the least interest in changing the tax laws in a way that makes them fairer…and why? He came out and announced a plan that gives 99.6% of the benefits to the 1%, and would actually raise taxes on some middle-class or poorer households. But apparently none of his less-educated lemmings care.

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Is this the reason Dumpf loves the uneducateds?

Not I, said the little brown mouse.