Discussion: Sanders On Trump Siding With Dems: ‘Bipartisan’ Efforts Will ‘Continue’

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BrightEyes Bossert at today’s conference:

"You may recall that I characterize my remarks under headings of Informing, Influencing and Inspiring…
“There’s been a lot of coverage of Florida, but there hasn’t been nearly enough about the U.S. Virgin Islands. Under the heading of Influencing, I just want to let you know where we stand there.”
“I’m still a citizen, if you know what I mean. Can I influence anyone to change that? What about you, sir?
(long pause)
Do You know someone?”
-Jackie Vernon
##Separated at Birth?


Trump: If McConnell/Ryan/Sessions want to stop bipartisanship, all they have to do is kill the Russian probe. Its very simple.


Or there is another solution: impeach the motherfucker already.


It’s almost as if Bannon and Gorka were no longer running the WH…


Except just a couple of weeks ago, Mr Art of the Deal-maker said he’d shut down government if Congress didn’t fund his dumb ass wall (that MEXICO was supposed to pay for). How quickly people forget!

Huckabee-Sanders is so full of shit with this spin. trump was caught flatfooted and he was probably tired, He doesn’t seem to know what the fuck is going on at times and just goes with whatever he can. Plus I think he has this weird need to be liked. And evidently he was so giddy that this move got him good press - the same press that he’s been vilifying and calling fake news.

Soon as trump finds someone said something mean about him, he’ll be back to calling Schumer “crying” , Warren Pocahontas or another Democrat some other stupid childish name.And the press will keep desperately hoping he’ll pivot and act presidential.

I will say the Democrats really played him on this one (not that it’s terribly hard to trick his dumbass). Particularly Pelosi. Damn, she’s good. I’m still glad she’s House Minority Leader - though Majority would be way better


Has “the pivot” finally arrived?? Please…he’ll change his mind tomorrow. Sanders is a very bad liar, who replaced a so-so liar. I hope she is well-compensated, because she is obviously otherwise-unemployable.


"I think he’s going to continue to work with whoever is interested in moving the ball forward to help the American people,” Sanders said.

I guess Ryan forgot to tell him about the Hastert Rule. Oh, and the Republican Law of Universal Motion - we do not move balls forward to help the American people. They can get their own balls and try to move them forward while we provide resistance.


Oh, I don’t know. I see a very bright future for her at FOX News if she dyes her hair blond and drops a few pounds.

          ‘Bipartisan’ Efforts Will ‘Continue’

Sure it will …

cause you guys are mean to him —


[quote=“sickofitall, post:9, topic:61926”]
I see a very bright future for her at FOX News if she dyes her hair blond and drops a few pounds.
[/quote]I can just see the other Foxbots getting all excited about the prospect…


Do you think it’s possible that, in Tramp’s feeble, superficial so-called “mind”, he thinks that he can win support from Dems if he plays at being cooperative?

Because I hate him with the white hot fires of 1,000 suns and go to bed each night praying that he’ll be dead by morning and nothing - and I mean nothing - he could do or say will ever change that.

Unless, of course, one day my prayer is answered, in which case I will throw the MOAP (mother of all parties!)


I would never venture to guess what might be in that so called mind.

However, he is spitting the GOP who have to run next year on a rotating spit and he’s putting them over hot coals and slowly turning the spit and if he keeps this up, the GOP will shatter.

Who knows?


Anyone who thinks they have a severe narcissistic manipulator handled is in for surprises.



When I first saw the headline, I thought it was referring to Bernie Sanders. And it still made some sort of sense. Weird.


Well, since Bernie worked for the Trump campaign it would make sense he had some insight into Donnie’s mind.


Do not wish for Trump’s rapid demise. It’s not only a sin (if you believe in that kind of thing), but would be much worse for the nation than a long, wrenching impeachment crisis that might well lead to bringing down, or at least crippling Dense politically, and who knows how many others.


And Drumpf is only interesting in moving forward (I won’t comment on whether he has any balls) to help himself and his immediate family. And maybe only himself.

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Trump will be so disappointed when he finds out bi-partisanship doesn’t mean firing Muller and stopping the investigations.