Discussion: Sanders Edges Past Hillary Clinton In New Iowa Poll

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Sanders is leading and expanding his position in both Iowa and New Hampshire. He might actually win the nomination. If he goes up against Cruz or Trump he might actually win the presidency.


What would be even better is, even if Sanders wins IA and/or NH, that Clinton wins the nomination and puts to bed once and for all that two lily white states with modest population should be instrumental in determining who becomes a presidential candidate.


“But the new poll is consistent with a number of recent surveys that have shown Sanders pulling ahead in Iowa since the fall, when Clinton mostly led the polls.”


Fainting couch?

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You know, I’d love to live in a time when both the first black and the first woman Presidents were elected, but my first priority is to reverse the rightwing slide of this country’s governments and get back to our progressive evolution. I think Bernie is more motivated than Hillary to reverse that slide and strengthen our social safety net, but neither of them will be able to do much without dragging Congress and state governments along with their coattails. I want the strongest candidate. Full stop. I want a vigorous contest based on policy differences between the two, without resorting to mud-slinging and rat-fucking, which only help the other side. I will energetically support the winner. The fact that there is ample support for both in the Democratic party base and that they seem to fare equally well with the general against likely GOP candidates means we have an excellent chance. So let’s select the one with the best agenda and go smash those right-wing assholes back into their Dark Ages.


I have high hopes while at the same time, afraid to get my hopes up! Too much under the bridge over the years, with McGovern and RFK etc. being shot down by government assassins, big money and the war machine. I understand Clinton to be the same bullshit artist that is Obama, when viewing her history. Not Bernie however. He has his weaknesses with foreign policy and his support of the F-35 boondoggle, but domestically, he’s right there for We The People.

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Add a poll giving Clinton 6 points in Iowa also came out.

“College-educated caucusgoers supported Clinton 49-45, while those without degrees supported Sanders 51-41.”

While those who had had no education and were technically brain dead were caucusing with the Republicans.

I just don’t understand how any democrat can get anything done with congress in the red, so to speak.

The stakes in this election are as high as I have ever seen.

A Bernie Sanders nomination will move the Democratic Party to the far far left and send it down the road of George McGovern who, by the way, also was a very decent man. If the Republicans were allowed to select the Democratic nominee, Senator Sanders would be in their final five choices.

The consequences of this defeat, and defeat it will be, will be control of the congress, the presidency, and the Supreme Court by the extreme right. There is no center of the Republican Party. They will wreak such havoc that it could take 50 years to recover. And they will start wars.

I hope and pray that the center of the Democratic Party holds.

I’ve been following your shrewd theories of government conspiracy against the people. You’ve usually been able to pinpoint the cause of domestic terror as caused by the director of the FBI. This is rather disappointingly vague. And remind me again: where was McGovern when he was gunned down?