Discussion: Sanders Campaign Will Consider Hillary Clinton For Veep

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I doubt it.(Though I doubt it matters since Sanders is unlikely to win the primary.)

And there isn’t a chance in hell Clinton would pick Sanders as a running mate.

Both of them will pick someone younger and more hispanic, if they’re smart.


I wonder how all those purity progressives who continually assert that Clinton is nothing more than a bloodthirsty Republican-Lite will respond to this.


They have to rage-type their responses on to Raw Story first.


Tad Devine who never won a major campaign is going to use republican strategies to win a Dem primary. Yapping to Heileman about your strategy …yeah this is a trial balloon and it’s already getting them blowback. Devine and company come off as condescending and sexist. Sanders speech at J-J dinner fell flat. Sanders is an independent who wants undecided Democratic voters to support him is now going to use this strategy that has been used by the republicans forever…good luck with that


Last gasp?

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This is really a uncalled for back handed compliment from Sanders. Being VP under Bernie would be an exercise in frustration for Clinton and a backwards step – she wouldn’t want it and he knows it. And then he throws in the dig on both her and Obama? Obama didn’t diss Clinton. She likely had her choice of offices offered to her. SOS is a major cabinet position – and much more powerful than the traditional role of VP. Biden’s role as VP grew as the relationship between them developed. And it bears mentioning that foreign policy was where Obama and Clinton really clashed during the primary so it was a huge show of confidence in her to be asked to fulfill that job.


Yep. Rather insulting.


Yep. I’d like to see a Clinton/Castro 2016 ticket. Julian Castro is the former mayor of San Antonio and the current Secretary of HUD. He’s very smart and would make a great VP.

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Purity progressives? They are just naïve left leaners. I hope they stay tuned and watch how it’s done.

Bernie’s diabolical plan to rule the world is just now becoming a reality. He’s got Hillary right where he wants her. It may look like she’s zooming out of sight, far ahead into the horizon, but this is where Bernie is about to pounce, Hil will never know what hit her…

Why would anyone take this campaign manager’s comments seriously? It is the kind of thing you say when you know that nothing you say actually matters.

Sanders is now moving to attack not just policy issues as they currently stand, but moving to differentiate himself from Clinton for voters in the primaries. He is not losing to Clinton, contrary to some posters here, but is making up ground regularly from early polls, as his fundraising successes as well as his appearance records show. He has the kind of political savvy that Clinton supporters find unnerving because he does not have to pander to big corporate donors and he has the political background of service in office that Clinton does not.

She may have been SOS, but she did not have the years in the Senate as Sanders does, nor the political office background that Sanders does. Her ability to form policy was lacking in the Senate and she voted for bills that did not show good judgement - the very kinds of things Sanders voted against and has since been proven right in voting against. These are the kinds of things that Sanders is discussing when he points out the differences between himself and Clinton, and I get really sick when I hear people calling it out as attacking her personally.

Get a clue, folks, this is what politics is about - calling out your opponent on their stands and their affiliations. It is not letting some self-anointed candidate come in and be the assumed nominee. That was Clinton’s failing in 2008 and it is still her failing now, except now she has the DNC under her husband’s thumb so she feels more comfortable about this kind of assumption. When voting for a woman for president, you need to see the totality of the person - not just her gender - and that means not voting for her because she is heavily influenced by her husband or corporate elitists.

I want a woman for president as much as the next woman, but I want one who can stand on her own two feet and say it like it is, with the political background to support her stands, the educational foundation to support those stands, and who is not going to need to turn to someone and say “Honey, is this the right compromise to make with the GOP?” (Sadly, our first African-American president did far too much of that kind of thing in his calls to Clinton for advice and with HRC whispering in his ear.) Unfortunately, the only woman who could possibly do that will not run, and so I will settle for Bernie Sanders as the closest thing I can get. Gender should not be a reason for voting for someone, or who their husband was at one time 20 years ago. With Clinton, this seems to be the two things that most clearly define her as a candidate.

“We’re willing to give her more credit than Obama did”

What’s with the Sanders campaign trying to be slick and throw shade at Obama? It’s not the first time either. Obama met with Hillary and cleared the air and basically left it up to her whether she wanted to be a part of his administration, and she had her choice of jobs. Unless there’s some greater context where this was tongue-in-cheek that just seems petty.


Bernie is starting to lose his grip. actually to me its about the supreme court that’s why i am going with HC. this election is a must win.


So Sanders campaign strategist is as tone-deaf and crazed as some of his most counterproductive online boosters. Well done.


Well it’s good to know you don’t have any bias that extends to completely made up facts and innuendo. I’ve read your post four or five times and I just don’t even know where to start, so I think I’ll stop here.


"who is not going to need to turn to someone and say “Honey, is this the right compromise to make with the GOP?”

You could not have written a more sexist statement. The GOP must be very proud of you. Seriously, that was absolutely wretched. But you are not alone. It is precisely such statements from Bernie supporters that backfire badly.


Yes indeed. Think of the Latinos who might come to the polls not just for the general but in home state elections and red states then turning at least purple. Latinos need to see someone who looks themselves in the Executive Office.

Clinton has an 88% chance of winning the nomination, and Sanders has a 13% chance so it doesn’t matter at all what a glib and well-paid campaign operative says. Your fellow TPMers are able to decide for themselves who they want for a candidate without the benefit of long-winded polemic from you.


They’re pushing that “No third Obama term” meme hard. Why work so hard to distance yourself from the most popular (among Democrats) president in recent memory, I have no clue.