Discussion: San Juan Mayor To Attend Briefing With Trump Despite Ongoing Feud

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That’s a leader.


She is a hero. Nobel prize level hero – the ultimate rebuff to trump.


It’s not a feud. That term smacks of bothsiderism. This is not a game. Trump has no grasp of the facts and makes shit up.


Well maybe if she meets him on the tarmac and wags her finger at him, the right wingers here will love her.

She’s a better person than I am. I wouldn’t want to even breathe the same air as that fucking asshole


Not to worry, Trump only insults people from a distance, she’ll be fine. Later he’ll tweet some bullshit. There is a word for people like him, well many, but in this case I think coward fits very nicely.


She’s certainly done more work in actually physically helping people in the last two weeks than he has his entire life.
That’s why it was a bad idea in electing him; the guy had NO history of actual public service - he and his grifty family are more concerned with themselves. The jackass could learn a thing or two from Ms Cruz.


I hope she pops him on the nose.

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Trump won’t say a thing to her face-to-face. Then from 30k feet, from the safety of Air Force One, he’ll break out the mean girl routine on Twitter.

Notice they cut off her mike during the conference call. Figures.


MOre tonE deafness from Cruz whO beliveS fake nEws of islaNd devastation ratheR than thE words trump maKes with hiS moutH!


Mayor Cruz will be the Puerto Rican corollary to Rev. Faith Green Timmons, the pastor of the Bethel United Methodist Church in Flint, Michigan.


Well, if there’s a conference, you can be sure her mic will be turned off. Ms Yulín Cruz has more leadership qualities than the entire Trump administration (and I include Kelly, McMaster, and Mattis in that). She is a credit to Puerto Rico and to the United States.


Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz said she accepted the invitation to attend the meeting on “behalf of the people of San Juan and out of respect for the American people,” she said.

Notice the absence of “respect for the President,”
Who deserves none whatsoever.
Forever and ever.


The Mayor has more leadership abilities in her little finger than ‘STUPID’ does in his big=huge-body.

I don’t get what the deal is, there was disaster aid for other areas that were ravaged by these storms. What’s the difference? Is their skin color? I don’t think I’ve EVER observed so many people by a group named Republican that is so down RIGHT dirty. Did the Republicans have a hard time Gerrymandering this area?

I hope the SPECIAL investigator who is handling Donald Russia connection is paying close attention and reacts to Donald lack of attention to taking care of Puerto Rico…If Donald d Trump can draw lines in the sand between Puerto Rico’s debt and disaster aid, we an do the same with his Russia connection. Please Mr Mueller punish Donald Trump., ya know apples and oranges, one good turn deserves another OR so the say.

Contact your local Mayor and Governor.

Attn: GERRYMANDERING, the Supreme Court is hearing a case right now. his is a very important issue we all should care about.

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Oooooh, he’s going to refuse to shake her hand something fierce! She’ll be sorry she ever decided to become a public servant, yes she will!


At least we’ll have one accurate report about what happened at the meeting.


Stick to your message, Mayor, and helping the people of Puerto Rico. That’ll keep the communication where it should be -
and drive him nuts.


I just heard MSNBC interview a Puerto Rican woman. When asked how she views the President’s visit, she said, “I hope North Korea isn’t watching because they would consider the US a laughing stock for how it has treated its citizens here in Puerto Rico.” Wow.


To his defense, he heard “Cruz” and thought he could walk all over the person. Next thing you know, he’ll be accusing her father of assassinating Kennedy.


Let’s see how Peehead will behave when he actually meet the strong woman face-to-face, without Twitter’s help.

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