Discussion: San Diego Officer Shoots Naked Burglary Suspect After Struggle For Gun

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Might be a little tough proving the naked guy had a concealed weapon, waddya think?

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“That is your pistol, this is my gun. That one’s for killing, this one’s for fun.”

More details here:

Yes, a NAKED guy decides to get into a house by breaking a GLASS window and going through. Sheeesh, he probably would have had more serious injuries doing that then getting shot. This cat has some serious issues.

Love the part about the neighbor with the baseball bat standing there (he likely is the one who called the cops). Great idea to attack a cop while naked too (was the cop female?).

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Based on that article, I’d say the officer showed enormous restraint. Send that officer on a teaching tour!


Yes, this asshole could have easily got the gun and killed the cop.

Never bring a dinky to a gun fight.

This story, like the naked fenestrator, has holes in it…

“Point that thing somewhere else.”

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Guy was probably looking for Jack Daniels, last seen in the pocket of his pants wherever the hell he left them.

Why is nearly every article about a shooting on TPM accompanied by a random stock photo of a gun? Would it be that difficult to find a photo directly related to the incident? Maybe a photo of the cop, or a mug shot of the perp?

Good point, though I could do without a full length shot of this particular perp…

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Never heard of the Naked Gun?

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