Discussion: Safety Concerns Force Feds To Pull Out In Illegal Cattle Grazing Dispute

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This not good. I am very rarely in favor of use of force, but this is only going to embolden these groups and when the day of reckoning comes for them (and it will come) it will be worse. This guy is clearly breaking the law, and thumbing his nose at it.


This is an issue of the commons. Having been at one time a career Army officer and a Vietnam combat vet and like most who have been under fire a pretty peace lovin’ guy I find myself getting seriously irked at these knee jerk militia types.

Send in the national Guard with few Bradleys and clear 'em out. The guy is breaking the law. If he’s allowed to get away with that then we all suffer.


Testing testing…

I like the new system.

I don’t like that the BLM backed down

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So we have a bunch of armed fringe types that think they are gonna tell the Gov’t what to do. Apparently they are holding a camp out in support of Mr Bundy who has brought his legal troubles on himself by his own actions. I think it will not end well of Mr Bundy.

I think they did the right thing here - but only if they come back and complete the job. This guy has been grazing on Federal land for 20 years without paying for it - this isn’t “liberty”, it’s theft. My only question is why the Feds haven’t sued him for back grazing rights payments and penalties - but maybe they have.

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[quote=“RobertBrk, post:6, topic:1551”]
I think they did the right thing here - but only if they come back and complete the job.
[/quote]It looks like their response is a direct result of Ruby Ridge and Waco. There is almost certainly a plan the first step of which is pulling back. This is not over.


The federal government should not allow these people to run them off like this is the wild-wild-west. These militia members should be arrested, period, for intimidating federal law enforcement. I’m pretty sure the feds would arrest me if I pulled some BS like this.

Yes, I do understand they don’t want some Ruby Ridge/Waco stuff to go down, but these folks are all breaking the law, and they should be arrested, jailed, arraigned and brought to trial. Let’s think this through, because we all know that if these people were black and in the inner city making the claim that the authorities have no power here and they took over some street as their own, there is no question that cops would force a damn gun battle and arrest the law breakers. I’m angry that these bullies, who of course are old white guys seem to get away with whatever they want to. Holy Crap. Since the feds can’t seem to do this, time to send in some Chicago PD or LAPD and get these guys rounded up an in jail.


He’s owes $1 Million in back fees and penalties.

My question would be…in the wake of the Waco and Ruby Ridge stuff, wouldn’t you think the Justice Dept would have some sort of plan for this type of confrontation?

Well I sure would hope they would and they’ve had 20 years to prepare to do something about this jackhole, and yet here we are.