Discussion: Ryan: Trump Knifed GOP For 'Bipartisan Moment' Amid Storm Response

Chyron:Ryan is “Excited for More Bipartisan Progress”
Excited, like a scared rabbit…

Predicted chyron: “Nationwide lemonade shortage prevented”


"Isn’t it a good thing that congressional leaders talk?” he said at his weekly press conference. “I mean, that’s probably a pretty good thing.” (Paul Ryan)

Yep, that sure would be a good thing, Paul. Know what would be even better? – If you and the other Republicans actually listen.


Asked whether he thinks Trump is a reliable negotiating partner on subjects dear to Republicans’ hearts, Ryan said, “I do, I do.”

By the power (in)vested in me, I now pronounce you Cuck and bride.

Fun Fact: I’m actually a minister. Spiritual Humanist. Call me for all your non-secular needs.
But do it soon. I’m converting to Pastafarian as soon as this water boils.


OT: It appears Mr. Marshall has his snark on today.


What the real story here…b/c this BS is getting deep.

Are we not diverted? (Chuckling to myself)


Trump handed Ryan & McConnell a big shit sandwich and they swallowed it. Mmmmmm good.

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Oh, Paul. Trump did it because he felt like it. And to show you you’re not the boss of him. But mostly because he felt like it that day.


Paul Ryan didn’t seem very concerned in 2011 when he helped drive the nation to the verge of a national default.

“But he was interested in making sure that this is a bipartisan 
moment while we respond to these hurricanes,” Ryan said.
 “And he made that clear. And I think that’s what his motivation was.”

Got his teeth kicked in … glad he’s got dental —


Has this man ever stood for anything in his entire sycophantic life? EVER? It’s all just a sick, sucky act with you Ryan.


“The President made it really clear, and what he was aiming for in that meeting yesterday was a bipartisan moment while the country is facing two horrible hurricanes,” Ryan said.

Uh, except a ‘bipartisan moment’ doesn’t mean one when all the Republicans are against something and all the Democrats are for it. Trump going along with the Dems does not make it a bipartisan moment. It makes it a WTF just happened moment.


LOL!! :laughing:

Is there any audio of rAYN’s presser?

Was there just giggles or guffaws??

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Ryan: Trump Knifed GOP For ‘Bipartisan Moment’ Amid Storm Response

Well, at least he frontstabbed them.

(h/t to The Mooch)


Weak response, from a very, very weak House Speaker.

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LOL indeed. This is so juicy… So the wheel turns and everybody gets their turn in the barrel… Schadenfreude at it’s best vintage, drink up my friends, it’s a rare treat indeed!


It’s always been a GOP objective to raise the debt ceiling only if cuts in discretionary non-weapons spending are included. But Trump needed a victory and so he abandoned this GOP principle and “caved” to the Democrats. GOP politicians are slowly learning that Trump will do what’s good for Trump and f*ck the GOP. The GOP will prop up Trump provided they can get their tax cuts by working with him. The nanosecond this strikes them as highly unlikely, the Trumpster is gone.