Discussion: Ryan Tight-Lipped On Senate O'Care Repeal Bill: I Won't 'Opine' On Process

Please don’t uncork the whipped cream early, guys.
On second thought, knock yourselves out.


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…a glimmer of sanity from SCOTUS


While publicly tight lipped on the secret process that led to the Senate tax cut bill funded by stripping tens of millions of health insurance, Ryan admitted he “gets a woodie” every time he hears that “the poors” will lose health care to fund tax cuts for the rich.

Ryan’s refusal to discuss the process makes him worthy of being called a chicken shit.

Lyin’ Ryan? Deplorable and despicable at the same time.

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Ryan’s inner and outer thoughts…
“Look you losers, we won the election so stop bitching about everything we do. Who cares if we are gutting the norms of our society and any illusion of democracy. We won so suck it.”

72% of Republican voters…
“Yeah! Suck it losers! Go red! Go GOP! Go beer!!”

Civilization isn’t ending with a whimper, but with enthusiastic cheering of ignorant bigoted pieces of shit.

He doesn’t care what it takes to get the shitty laws written that he wants.