Discussion: Ryan: 'Nobody Knows' If Massive Tax Cuts Will Pay For Themselves


The stress of passing this legislation has led Mr. Ryan to confuse his pronouns and syntax. I think what he was trying to say is: "Everyone knows that these cuts will increase the deficit and inequality, and nobody in my party cares."


I wonder what kind of spending he wants to control. ???????????


"I mean, look at the study we did in Kansas, where we actually implemented these policies, and their economy exploded, and the tax cuts paid for themselves almost immediately..."


The National Association of Manufacturers’ survey, incidentally, allowed respondents to choose more than one answer for what they would do with their saved tax dollars, including “increase capital spending,” “expand your business” and “hire more workers.” “Buy back shares” wasn’t an option.

How would you rate Paul Ryan's performance as Speaker of the House?
A. Perfect.
B. Excellent.
C. Great.
D. Good.


"See, 90% of respondents think I'm doing a good job!" - Paul Ryan


If we look at the historical economic performance of these boondoggles, we have a pretty good idea.
I think Dems should adopt the mantra when we start hearing the inevitable proposals to cut entitlements. "Wait--you said that it would bring in revenue. Why not just wait a bit, and then the increased revenue will take care of the cost of entitlements at the same time that it pays for the tax cuts. Don't you have any faith in your economic policy?"


“We clearly have to go after spending control.”

He said after spending $1.5T on needless gifts to the extremely wealthy.


"Ryan also said, incorrectly"

No. Ryan lied.


Ah but spending money doesn't pay for itself, only giving tax cuts does....


Those librul elites thinking they know that just because you cut trillions in revenue that the deficit will go up--what arrogance! The only thing anyone can know with absolute certainty is that the Rapture is coming very soon and all Ayn Randians are going to beamed up immediately.


Because nobody has seen the damn bill except congressional republicans, your government at work folks. History wasn't kind the first time 'trickle-down' was trotted out. why not give it another try?

“Nobody knows the answer to that question, because that’s in the future,” Ryan said. “But what we do know is that this will increase economic growth.”

I think it was Maher that said trickle down economics is like tossing a steak to hungry dogs and expecting them to share.


And to take if further, in the words of the old spiritual, "Nobody knows the trouble you're gonna see..."


Matt, Paul Ryan is a R from WI not a D. Please correct it. Thanks.


What an assh0le.

So when we demonstrate we need pics of Zinke on his plane ride, Trump in his gold pent houses, the crystal chandelier street lights on rodeo drive with signs "Cut Needless spending! Gov Spending For the 99%!"


After Mnuchin did all that exhaustive research they still don't know? Well it's only a couple of $trillion.


Attn: Bob CorkerKickback.

Here's the answer to your deficit concerns.


The question of higher wages, Ryan said, was not a question of “if” but “how much.”

I'm afraid I have to agree with Ryan on this.

Will already-shockingly-obscene executive compensation quadruple, or merely triple?

Not a question of “if” but “how much.”


“Nobody knows the answer to that question, because that’s in the future,” Ryan said. “But what we do know is that this will increase economic growth.”

Ummmmm, I'm just gonna point out the fucking obvious...if the tax cuts paying for themselves is unknowable because it's in the future, then increasing economic growth is exactly the same level of unknowable as it is also in the future. And this guy is a policy wonk? No, he's just another Republican Shyster. *&^%$#


$1.5T is a hell of a gamble to take. Glad that we have such responsible leadership in Congress carefully thinking about and analyzing and getting expert opinions about these bills before passing them. /s


Journalism really isn't a place for half assed work. Do it right or get another gig. We all heard the confidence fairy crap the GOP was spewing to justify this tax cut. NONE of them said .."no one knows" at that time. It was going to pay for itself. Just a few days ago the "Tax Man" Grover Norquist was on the Tee Vee saying no one is concerned about the effects of this bill on the deficit. "no one cares about the deficit". Yesterday Ryan was back on script saying we "will never pay off our debt" if we don't address ( as in cut ) entitlements. The Journo used the pejorative "entitlements" as well avoiding Social Security and Medicare, names that poll much better.

If the Pol's are going to go all over the place on this issue it would be helpful if the Journalists covering it didn't do the same. The American people were just scammed by the GOP. Most of us knew that before they showed their ass's in the last 2 days. Is it possible the MSM could make this a little clerer..as in clear enough for the WWC and the Coal Miners to see they just got royally fucked.