Discussion: Ryan, McCarthy Call Talk Of Mueller Firing A 'Rumor That's Not Happening'

So, in GOP alternative-fact world, Mr. Mueller better be brushing up his resume post-haste


Sure, because Trump’s behavior is so predictable. And he’s so willing to take advice.


It’s sickening that the editor of Newsmax is allowed into the White House. We’re going to have to strip that place down to rafters to get the Trump Stink out. Sooner the better.


I see what they did here!! Trump put out his buddy from Newsmax to make the claim then they say it’s all made up from the media!! Cute.


Bleach every surface just like an army barracks.

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In alternative fact world, Ryan and McCarthy will blame the “librul” media and detractors for terminally corrupting the Russia probe, right after Faux talking heads do so.

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Straight to the PBS News Hour no less.

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Trump: What do they know, I will not sign TrumpCare unless Mueller goes.
Ryan: I think Mueller is a partisan hack and he needs to go. I will fire him myself and withhold all funds for the investigation.

Translation: they’re know for a fact it’s a think Trump is working himself up to do.

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So, it’s definitely happening, then?


If Christopher Ruddy and Newt Gingrich are journalists, I must be a nuclear physicist.


An explosive rumor to mask what the Republican Senators are doing behind the scenes to decimate healthcare.

Not saying Trump is above firing Mueller, but the timing is interesting.



This is how Ryan becomes president, after Trump & Pence are gone.

Trump will be firing Muller any day now, Congressional GOPers will go along and even provide cover to Trump in order to continue the elimination of Obamacare and Medicare, and give the rich a few more tax cuts while at it.

one of your few allies.”


(PS–Just think about all the “Clinton drama” we’ve avoided!)

I have full confidence that Ryan and McCarthy can accurately predict Trumpp’s actions and will always give us a true picture of what they foresee.

Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy:

you’re creating a debate that’s not occurring here

US Senator Ryan of Wisconsin:

I think the best advice would be to let Robert Mueller do his job.

US Representative Duffy of Wisconsin:

What the hell are we investigating? Why are we going through with this charade?

All that and he still could not actually answer the questions.

The five Ds of dodgeball.