Discussion: Ryan Avoids Talking Trump, Paints Grim Picture Of 'Liberal Progressive' Rule

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At this point Ryan should be worrying about losing the House, not the Senate.





There is a gloom and grayness to things

Like a patient etherized upon a table…the love song of J Paul Ryanfrock.


Trump: Ryan is an idiot. No one should listen to him. I am endorsing all of the democrats who are running against house republicans. All of them.


“Where passion, the very stuff of life is extinguished.”

Hey Eddie, it’s Donnie’s “passion” aka “perverted groping” that got you into your mess, not HRC…


“Let me start that again - my notes stuck together. That is the America Hillary Clinton wants to prevent from happening. That is the America that Donald Trump wants to reign over.”


I haven’t heard about Trump explicitly endorsing House Democrats — but if he does, that would actually help Ryan, by giving people a reason to vote AGAINST those Democrats.

Why is the word “Progressive” used pejoratively? How does that even make sense. Oh my goodness! The horror of moving society toward a better state rather than clinging to the past! HEAVENS ME!


“What vision to Hillary Clinton and her party offer the people? They want an America that doesn’t stand out. They want an America that is ordinary. There is a gloom and grayness to things,” he continued.

I have to take issue with this assertion. Not once have I heard Hillary Clinton say she wanted the entire nation to resemble Indiana.

“He also steadfastly avoided talking about Donald Trump.”

Trump lacks a single redeeming defect.


Because the entire GOP platform and vision is “Regressive”, like back to the 14th century…


My thoughts as well. I think it’s because of Ryan’s desire to run for POTUS in 2020. He wants to sanitize himself now(he still endorses him). But it’s a ridiculous move for him to go openly and distant himself from Trump. Do what Mitch McConnell does: Nothing.


Wow, the GOP does not do things by half. They really think the Dems are communists or want people to think that. Ignoring that their parties hatred for government basically wants a system of anarchy.


I wonder why Ryan didn’t spell out what America would look like under President Trump? That pamphlet Ryan was waiving around, Trump hasn’t read it or will read it. Why didn’t Ryan tell them that Trump will be on the Hill each and every morning to make sure the interns are dressed appropriately, that the female members of Congress will be ranked and rated in appearance. The all of the youngsters there in U of W-Madison will not have to worry about college debt since each everyone of them will in service and fighting to protect America from rude hand gestures. Did Ryan inform the attendees that their parents and grandparents SS will be cut off to fund more wars? Did he tell them that their grandparents will back to their manufacturing jobs (Yeah) because no one will sell to us? I hope that he pointed out that if we have President Trump then we are living in the End Times.


Read it again: this language is straight out of Ayn Rand.


"“This is the America we want. This is our party’s vision for America,” Ryan told a group of college Republicans, holding a pamphlet advertising his Republican congressional agenda.

“What vision to Hillary Clinton and her party offer the people? "

I dunno, why don’t you read her almost 300 page book, Stronger Together, that sets forth her policy ideas and agenda, PAMPHLET Pauly?


Says the guy that represents the party that wants to kick millions of people out of the county; keep specific religions out; allow pharmaceutical companies to charge you whatever they want for lifesaving medications; control women’s reproductive rights; quash LGBT rights; reward the wealthy at the expense of the poor; implement stop and frisk wherever non-whites live; deny scientific evidence that suits their agenda and morph our system into a Christian theocracy.

Us pesky liberals mostly just want affordable healthcare, affordable education, some updates to our justice system and equal rights for everyone. I don’t know what the hell progressive agenda Paul Ryan is talking about, but yeah sure it sounds pretty scary I guess!


I have never understood that. And the fact people talk the same way about Liberals. I thought after Bush, Conservatism would be considered Plague.