Discussion: Russian Plane With 224 Passengers Crashes In Egypt Leaving No Survivors

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Russian military “advisors” on their way to Syria?

It’d be irresponsible for CNN NOT to commission a hologram of a remotely directed probe propelling directly up the empacted colon of such a speculation.

First thing I thought when I saw the headline was , Russian Aircraft or Russian Airline? If this is an Airbus then that puts things in a different light. Doesn’t make terrorism a sure thing but makes it more likely. Then again we are talking about Russian maintenance.

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Serious: This is an unfortunate incident, and I offer my sympathy to the families of those who lost their lives.

Snark: Had this been an American plane, we’d have Republicans blaming the event on too much government regulation of the airline industry.


they are already there.

The numbers have just increased.

Militants in northern Sinai have not to date shot down commercial airliners or fighter jets. There have been media reports that they have acquired Russian shoulder-fired, anti-aircraft missiles. But these types of missiles can only be effective against low-flying aircraft or helicopters.

Children have not to date brought down commercial airliners by throwing snowballs at them. There have been media reports that some children have learned to make their snowballs icy. But these types of missiles can be effective only against other children.

Equally relevant to the story.

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Actually edited out of this story for some reason is that ISIS Militants have claimed responsibility, and that paragraph was used to debunk their statement. But indeed, without the information about that ISIS claim, such info is silly to have in the article.

I seriously doubt it was shot down by terrorists at that altitude. If they had that capability, you’d have routine shoot downs of commercial jets.

Oh, it’s possible that there was a bomb on board, or a terrorist on board, yes. And that has to be considered since Russia is bombing in Syria. BUT, as you say, let’s not forget about poor Russian maintenance, though that is a global problem. My money would be on it not being terrorism, but I would not rule it out at this point either.

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I wouldn’t get on a russian airplane if they paid me. Their maintenance is atrocious

For better coverage check out the Aviation Herald…you can google it. They have aviation writers who actually know about airplanes. Shocking, I know.

Note that the pilot radioed in that he had a problem and was going to try to land in Cairo. If there was a bomb or any kind of shoot-down, he probably wouldn’t have been able to do that, or at least would have been aware right away that it was much more serious and given a mayday.

OTOH, besides poor maintenance I wonder about sabotage at the Egyptian airport. I’m guessing security among workers there is not all that tight there.

“It is too premature to detect the impact this will have on tourism. We need to know what happened first,” Tourism Ministry spokeswoman Rasha Azazi told The Associated Press.

I would love to know what reporter asked about tourism and wonder if they know anything about journalism.