Discussion: Russia: Accusations Of Any Involvement In Poisoning Ex-Spy Are 'Nonsense'

Well, that should clinch it, but I think we should wait for the Trump tweet just for confirmation.



Evidence? who believes evidence?

Russia: Accusations Of Any Involvement In Poisoning Ex-Spy Are ‘Nonsense’

Russia: Ask Trump, or Mattis or Pompeo, they will all tell you that it is ‘nonsense’

And yet trump is quoted as saying

“It sounds to me that they believe it was Russia and I would certainly take that finding as fact,”

Which sounds as if he doesn’t believe the russians.

And why would the russians want samples of their own stuff? Just a way to refuse to cooperate, or information about detection and analysis methods of adversaries?

We have already made a statement to say this is nonsense,” he said. “We have nothing to do with this.”

I’ve heard this before.
Where oh where have I heard this before?

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Given that the nerve agent used was expressly designed to avoid detection by standard means, they probably want to know how the UK figured out what it was in time to save Skripal. That way they can make sure it goes off without a hitch next time.

Trump: No, no, he didn’t poison those people. When I met Putin, I asked him twice, in different ways, if he’d poisoned those people. And he answered, ‘No.’ No, he didn’t poison those people.

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What Dinkie Don says is MEANINGLESS

What the Russian authorizes say is MEANINGLESS

Dinkie Don sprouts whatever his current audience wants to hear. Or pulls it out of his ass. Or lies threw his teeth to cover his ass.

Russia just lies through their teeth. ALWAYS.

The media needs to stop quoting these bad actors like legitimate news sources.