Discussion: Rupert Murdoch: Mitt Romney 'Had His Chance' To Run For Prez In 2012

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Sauron has spoken. You’re done.

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MurDoch musings:

“Ir-remedial MittStakes were made.”

"Ann’s dancing horse would fare better than the horse’s patoot she married.’

“voting rights for women / minorities have not been repealed yet, Mitt.”

“money cannot buy you a personality”


Yeah, right, Ru–whatever you say. Have the Koch boys made any indication(s) on where they lean? (Remember, they got more votes than you). Like him or not, Mr. Romney can at least speak in coherent sentences that don’t always involve dog whistles. That stated, I believe he’d be all wrong for our nation, economic-structurally speaking. On other issues, it’s a fall-back to his “religious” beliefs (whatever they are this decade) and/or who antes up the most in off-shore donations. Go, Mitt, go – if for nothing else but to agitate fellas like Ru from Australia.

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It sounds like Mittens has been given his marching orders from the hive mind over at the Borg Collective known as Faux.

In other words, “Assimilate or be destroyed” Mittwit…its your only hope.

Subtext is everything here.


Romney is a loser and that will stick with him from here on. No one votes for a loser. He’s history. It’s only the media that’s keeping the Romney might run meme alive.

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I am not sure Rupert Murdoch has his facts right or whether he is having his masseuse tweet for him.

The New York Times had an excellent well-researched article on why Mitt Romney is motivated to run a third time despite his initial reservations. As in 2012, Mitt Romney has consulted and sought approval from the presiding body and leadership of his church. He is convinced he lost because he did not discuss his faith adequately and wants to address that this time. Mitt Romney may believe that the constitution may be hanging by a thread because of the actions of the RATS on the Supreme Court and President Obama. He really feels called on to take on the mantle.


Romney had a big vision for the country. He just couldn’t share his vision because it would make people not want to vote for him.


If it conflicts with Murdoch’s big vision for the country, well, we can’t have that now can we.

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As has the entire Bush family, the entire Paul family, gNewt, …, the Failin’ Palin Klan, the “Lie on a Bible” crowd (aka The scHuckabees), Lyin’ Ryan, etc.

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Can Murdoch even vote in this country?

Does his money not bleed?

Hmmmm … same with his tax returns.

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