Discussion: Rudy Giuliani: I Heard Reports Of 9/11 Cheering, But I Didn't See It (VIDEO)

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He’s full of shit. Giuliani would have used that extensively if he had “heard of it”. He didn’t. Nor did Carson. Nor did the originator of the lie, Trump. It did not happen and there were no reports of it happening. They are all lying.


Good old Rudy, biggest creep in politics. Sitting on a park bench, eying little girls with bad intent.

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Feeling like a dead duck
Spitting out pieces of his broken luck.

Fits him perfectly.

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However, he did visit the hospital in Kenya where Obama was born.

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He could hear that all the way across the Hudson River?

The cheering throngs shopped at Bush Bullhorns-R-Us.

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Whoa! Hey, Aqualung had far more character in the pieces of broken luck he spat than Giuliani ever had!

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as you know I was deeply involved in it,"

He was deep in the rubble of Building 7 which was his emergency command center which collapsed almost immediately on 9/11


Yeah, what bullshit. 'Course, coming from Mr. 9-11! 9-11! what can one expect?

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And if (God forbid) there were a terrorist attack on U.S. soil during Obama’s presidency, the people who would be cheering the loudest would be the GOP.


Bush’s bull-what-now?

Q. What does tRump find when he turns over a rock?

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Rudy, go away…please.

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No one heard it at all. Can you imagine what the “real Americans” the “patriots” would have made of it if it happened? They would have pounded their fists so hard they’d set the world in a new orbit. We are supposed to believe that reports of this were blown off? No advantage taken? Bullshit. Giuliani has jumped the shark of bullshit in this one.


Maybe you didn’t see it because all your primary victories in '08 were blocking your view.

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Only a noun and a verb.


So Rudy, you have nothing to contribute to the dialog - but don’t let that stop you from spewing demagogic crap.

Rudy comes around every election season to jump the bullshark. It is what he does.

That deaf, dumb and blind kid sure plays a sad pinball…