Discussion: Rubio Flips Mosque Question To Claim Obama Discriminates Against Christians

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“I do believe it is important to recognize – you want to talk about religious discrimination in America. I don’t think Barack Obama’s being sued by any Islamic groups, but he is being sued by the Little Sisters of the Poor,” Rubio said.

The law allows religious nonprofits, including the Little Sisters, to opt out of covering birth control if it is against their religious beliefs by filing for an exemption with the federal government. In those cases, the government will direct the third-party insurer to provide the contraception coverage to the women employed by the objecting organization.


I am always puzzled by commentators who call Rubio “bright and a terrific speaker.” His answers to questions don’t display any kind of analytic ability, logic or intelligence - he even contradicted himself in his justification of his own pro-life stand. Where is this brilliant speaker they claim to see?