Discussion: Rubio: Dem Debate Just About Who Would 'Give Away The Most Free Stuff' (VIDEO)

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Would you like a free fan Sen. Rubio? as you will be sweating bullets if you ever get the pleasure of meeting HRC.


Did you read that somewhere Marco or did your billionaire tweet you to run out and say stupid stuff?


I think you’ve still got some Adleson on your chin, Marco.


But as long as there’s free water available … that’s OK ----


And the GOP debates have been about who would give the most to the rich while stealing from the poor.


That is the weakest gruel you could serve Marco.

And you’re going to have to eat those words–
if you ever have the misfortune of facing off–
against any of the (D) candidates in debate.



If by “free stuff” you mean adequate infrastructure, sensible immigration policy, women’s rights left intact, less money funneled upward at the expense of the poor, a rational approach to foreign policy, a lesser gap between the mega-wealthy and everybody else, a re-examination of gun laws that could help with our weekly massacre problem, a stronger middle class, representatives that understand science, fairer drug policy that doesn’t overcrowd our prison system, an actual functioning government that can actually accomplish things and the knowledge that my tax dollars aren’t being spent on Benghazi-style witch hunts and voter disenfranchisement legislation…

Then, ok yeah you got me, Rubio!

I guess I just better vote GOP this time, because…uhm, Mexicans suck and…Planned Parenthood grrrrrrrrrrrr! And something about Benghazi? Shut the government down!


For Rubio, the only allowable “free stuff” is endless war. I prefer the Democrats’ focus on “stuff” that invests in America’s future,not destroy it.


Says the Cuban whose parents were immigrants and got plenty of free stuff once here, unlike say, Dominicans or Haitians. Puto.


Romney: This is cool strategy by Rubio. I went with only 47%. I think 100% is better as you dont alienate anyone.


I wouldn’t share Rubio’s concerns to the degree I do if only all the welfare queens in my neighborhood would wash and wax their Cadillacs more often. Plus Wanda should really do something with that hair. Geez, really, teased bangs?

Clearly, little Marco didn’t come up with that by himself and was most likely the brain child of one of his elderly, billionaire donors who thinks that’s a GREAT talking point. Because to them, everyone in the country believes that. Everyone.

I was thinking that meme works very well with the insane GOP base. However, it wouldn’t fly at all in the general. It comes off as being really smarmy, nasty and ignorant. Marco would do well to remember that any GOP frontrunner has got to hope for either: A.) some sort of Dem crossover of support or B.) really suppressed Dem turnout. Because, by themselves, there aren’t enough Rethugs out there to get him across the finish line. He’s just shooting himself in the foot on this one.


GOP cost savings at work:
"Long before the historic floods of the past week, crumbling roads, bridges and dams and aging drinking water systems plagued South Carolina — a poor state that didn’t spend much on them in the first place and has been loath to raise taxes for upkeep.

Now the state faces hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars’ worth of additional bills to fix or replace key pieces of its devastated infrastructure."

Upshot: The plan is to wait for a disaster and make the Blue states fund your state’s infrastructure repairs.



Marco, have a drink of water and sit in the corner. Maybe someday you’ll graduate to the adults table.


So sayeth the Sheldon Adelson pull toy!


Rubio also added that Tax Cuts and the Wars that he support are free as we saw under Bush presidency. Why go for tax increase when printing money is practically free as ink is relatively cheap.



Marco Rubio Live!
From the hallway adjacent to the front desk at the closest Hampton Inn.



I don’t think the plutocrats spend much time in school board meetings, but I do, and I can tell you something: Middle-class people want their kids to get the best education possible, if only for the vocational, earning-potential side of it. Pretty good attack ad fodder there. And how is society helped when people are bankrupted by catastrophic health expenses or live a subpar life because their care is chronically lacking? That doesn’t happen in, say, Canada. (Shhh don’t mention Europe.) It doesn’t happen in any advanced country. A healthier country makes everyone better off. They have bullshit scare stories to argue against that, but not real arguments. Counteract the scare stories and you’ve got another strong plank to run on.


I thought the exact same thing. He had the statement written by Koch Brothers or Adelson PR people before the debate began. A typical GOP ploy. Heck, Drudge Report ran a “poll” asking who won the debate before it was even 10 minutes old just so his foam-at-the-mouth minions could pick anyone but Clinton…and as many times as they wanted to vote!

Based on Marco’s response it seems quite clear that he did not watch the debate for one minute. I think a reporter could easily verify this by asking Rubio a question referring to a specific statement/topic from the debate. Rubio’s blank look on his face would tell all, followed immediately by his tired, generic, and grossly false whine about Democrats.