Discussion: Ross Won't Disclose What White House Convos He Had About Census Citizenship

“won’t disclose”… “declines to elaborate”. All nice ways to say, “dodged answers”, “evaded questions” and “obstructed justice by refusing to answer questions”…

WTF?? Fuck these people. Answer the goddamned questions or be in contempt of Congress. That’s my simple opinion. It’s gloves off time for these rotten bastards.

HE isn’t called there to dance around questions, he’s there to give answers to an oversight inquiry. This isn’t ‘pick and choose’, this is YOU ARE A PUBLIC FUCKING SERVANT and you will answer our ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE’S GODDAMNED QUESTIONS…!!!

Who the fuck does he think he is?


A person working for an insane monster.


The only way forward is complete dis-entanglement. Ross is not anywhere near that.


Isn’t his presence there for the sole purpose of answering the questions of the committee? Is anyone suggesting he be held in contempt?


IANAL, but I’ve repeatedly heard it stated that either the WH asserts privilege, or you are required to answer.

Legal minds here want to comment?




I, too, am not a lawyer but this has come up multiple times before. The executive branch is trying to have it both ways: not explicitly asserting executive privilege but also not answering questions because Trump might want to claim executive privilege at some future time.

The only way around it that I’m aware of is to subpoena them, which equires that they either answer the questions or explicitly claim executive privilege, a claim which can then be adjudicated.

Edited to add that there is a decent discussion of this at the link: https://www.lawfareblog.com/congressional-subpoena-power-and-executive-privilege-coming-showdown-between-branches


good link, THANKS!

This isn’t a court of law. While he has the right to not incriminate himself, he would have to invoke that privilege. Instead, he is just refusing to answer without giving a legal justification. I think that means we can assume the worst possible answers, and move forward based on that. We shouldn’t just be throwing up our hands going “awww” and giving up. Force the invocation of executive privilege or put him in the slammer. It’s not the secretary’s right to claim executive privilege either - it would be the Presidents. Of course, he’s abdicated all responsibility to govern effectively and that probably includes giving 2 shits about executive privilege.


Did Ross claim Executive privilege? If not, then he should have been compelled to answer the question. The Dems should subpoena Ross, force him to answer the questions or claim some sort of executive privilege. He can’t claim privilege regarding his conversations with former AG Jeff Sessions.


My sentiments exactly below! This is f’ng ridiculous. He didn’t claim executive privilege nor can he claim that privilege regarding conversations he had with Sessions.

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Hard to have transparency when every conversation with Trump is secret.
Especially when Trump himself is such a blabbermouth.

“My conversations with the Attorney General are confidential,”

Can’t they call him into closed session?