Discussion: Rosie O'Donnell: Fox's Elisabeth Hasselbeck Hid From Me

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Girls, girls! You’re BOTH horrible!


The Mean Scary Librul Lesbee-ann was stalking me! It was, like, so totally gross and scary! I hadda hide from her in my trailer! Security! Don’t you know who I am?!? Argle-bargle! EWWWWWWW!!!


I decided I was going to just not comment on these ridiculous TPMZ stories that run here so often lately and thereby depriving TPM of those clicks and encourage the editors to perhaps run a different kind of story.

Unfortunately the only way I could think of making my point about the number of ridiculous TPMZ stories that run here so often lately is to post a comment on this ridiculous TPMZ story of the type that runs here so often lately.

p.s Are Paul and Edie OK?


A stand off between a gay comedian and a reality show hasbeen. This is the stuff that Hollywood agents dream of and Faux News lives for.


I don’t think this is an important article to anyone - but it is interesting to me that the photos of the right-leaning women (Palin, Coulter, Hasselbeck) always show them pointing those accusing fingers.


“And I’ll get your little dog, too,” all lof them say as they point as they point at those that are really trying to do their jobs.


The 24/7 news cycle is such that it sort of destroys the point of trying to fill it up. Cable news like social media has made everything somehow pointless that it reports on. We could do with a lot more contemplation of the great issues of our times and a little less reporting of “breaking news” that really isn’t news or breaking?


This is what the MSM was talking about yesterday as kids were getting shot in Houston. Didn’t make it to a single cable outlet, live show or primetime.

There’s what you’ve been reduced to, folks. Dead kids and a shooter on the loose aren’t even close to as newsworthy as a reality show washup and a twice failed talk show host.


Hmmm. Difficult to decide which one of these people I dislike more.
The shrill shouter, or the dumb-as-a-rock couch-candy.
I have decided.
I hate Hasslebeck more. At least Rosie is being honest in her histrionics and what you see is what you get.
Hasselbeck plays the “Dumb Blonde” to the hilt just for money and that is deserving of our scorn.

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A Fox News personality lied? Gee, there’s a shocker.


Lizzie was afraid she might catch the gay!

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It’s so easy to get Elisabeth to go BONKERS…,LOL

Former reality show “star” who married a football player. Only in 'Murkuh would such a person be considered a serious personage.

I about fell off the chair laughing when they were discussing Sherry’s exit from the View, on Fox. When Doocey (SP?) asked Dizzy Lizzy about { her buddy Sherry} Lizzy’s face was, "What Buddy? Acted like she didn’t know what he was talking about. LMAO.

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Gun freaks killing their families: so common these incidents are now just local stories.

I’m anxiously waiting for the Donald to comment on this matter. I believe Fox & Friends have a phone chat with him on Fridays. He’ll comment that Elisabeth is doing a wonderful job on F&F, and that Rosie is nothing but a stupid, fat cow, loser who will destroy his beloved friend Barbara’s show.

No, I think you’re wrong. I think Liz is seriously that…lacking.

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And you would share this important piece of information with me because…

I would love to hear why you think I, or anybody else would care to know about this fact. What’s next, a report that she was observed pulling a piece of toilet paper off her high heel?

Who phucking gives a ratatooie?