Discussion: Rosenstein Will Leave DOJ Mid-March, Successor Announcement Coming Soon

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Short list of replacements

Rudolph Giuliani
Matthew Whitaker
Newt Gingrich
Allen (I am Professor Emeritus at Harvard Law School) Dershowitz
Judge Jeannine
Geraldo Rivera
Joe De Genova


Mid-March? Will that be when the Meuller report is finished? Inquiring minds want to know.

Kilgore Trout?


Any news regarding Rosenstein leaving gives me a sense of dread. I am trying to remind myself that both Rosenstein and Mueller must have known that this was coming for months now. They will have taken precautions.


Thank you for your service.


I don’t think there will be a replacement as Barr will not recuse himself like he should have, even after writing that 19 page letter, shopping it around to tRump and all his lawyers, in an effort to get appointed to this job. Considering Barr already believes that tRump has whatever authority he needs to fire anyone at DoJ as part of his unitary executive authority, Barr also seems to believe Mueller has already gone outside the parameters of his authority to investigate the President by looking into obstruction of justice, which Barr seems to believe no President should be subject to as part of its mandate.

The replacement for Rosenstein is actually Barr…which is why we are all probably screwed in some way. We may never get the actual report as Barr has the authority to write the final report and chose whether or not to give it to the public. He also has to approve any subpoenas as I understand it.

Personally, I don’t trust the guy.

He was chosen by tRump to protect him…and I suspect that’s exactly what he’ll do. Rosenstein may not have been ideal, but he was our last best hope for maintaining some kind of integrity in this investigation at DoJ.


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If I were Trump or one of his henchpeople I would be shaking at the thought that Rosenstein might tell the truth, like McCabe. Would be even more damaging.

And I’m sure he’ll have the chance to tell the truth before Congress in short order.


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will make his expected departure from the Justice Department in mid-March, The Washington Post reported.

Today is 2/19/2019 and its 9:01 a.m. #justsayin



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These career DOJ guys all seem to protect the Constitution when it really matters. Barr might be a right wing hack but he’s no traitor. Those who’ve spent their careers in law enforcement are least likely to go along with treason. There’s no way a close friend of Robert Mueller would go along with it. I’m trusting his judgement on this.
I hope I’m not wrong.


I feel the same way about Rosenstein. He was enthralled with Whitaker’s appointment. I believe Whitaker is much worse than Barr. Personally, it’s like a choice between a Yugo or Le Car. Bottom line, whoever Trump appoints will be looking out for Trump and running interference for him.
I’m not so sure if Rosenstein actually did suggest the 25th Amendment and wearing a wire, it wasn’t to set up McCabe for Trump. I have never trusted him. I think Rosenstein wants to slither out of the limelight with his reputation intact. With all Trump has done in the past, if Rosenstein really wanted to nail him, one could surmise that it could have been done long ago. It’s not like Trump and his American cohorts are brilliant strategists and left no trail to follow.


I would not be so sure of that. Mueller and Barr are very good friends. Not just professionally, but personally. The families visit each other, etc. Trump did not know that when Barr was recommended as a pick. I would also note that Barr was very close to HW Bush, who hated Trump as well. Plus Barr had donated $55k to Jeb Bush’s campaign.

Most of the things Barr said bad about the Russia investigation were in 2017, and were made without knowledge of the evidence. I found his observations absurd at the time, but that does not mean he still has those thoughts.

I’m not saying I am correct, just that I am not so sure Barr is a Trump lover.

Edit: Also, there may be a Dem President in 2020. If there is, a new AG is appointed, and if Barr covers up a Mueller report that contains evidence of crimes, HE could be charged with Obstruction of Justice. Even that dope Whitaker probably realized that, because I would not doubt if Trump asked him to fire Mueller and stop the investigation.


And his son-in-law was just hired to work as a trump legal advisor.


We’re all hoping right along with you. But I am very worried about the reporting that Rod wasn’t going to leave until Mueller’s report is complete I can’t believe it’s wrapped up.


That was the reporting. I’m getting a sinking feeling about this.


Lots of worry around this one.

Lots of educated guesses.

Bear in mind that lots of people pay too much attention to doomsdayers…and if they ACT on that, there is responsibility.

I have stated before that Mueller (unlike Trump) cannot blurt out things to “animate the base” (meaning US)…which ALWAYS means that the GOP/Trump/evil will appear to have the stronger hand.

I am stating my case for optimism for four reasons

  • Trump’s rule is unsustainable in terms of the interconnections of the nation and Planet

  • Mueller…and the fact that his hand is stronger than he is letting on

  • The American people have never been enslaved yet. It ain’t pretty and there are more of us than Trumpers

  • Blanket doomsday pessimism, although it creates an air of “inside knowledge” for the opiner, is ultimately enervating. I am overjoyed that those troops who stormed Normandy in 1944 (including my Dad who was THERE) were a little more “stupid” and less “sophisticated”. Doom doesn’t get most people going


Rosenstein leaves as a hero, surprisingly given his inauspicious debut with the ‘firing letter.’


Thanks…words to hang onto!!!