Discussion: Romney: Ted Cruz And My Father Are 'Natural Born' Citizens

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From the definitive source of who is qualified to be president. This will surely end the questions.





More dictatorial executive overreach from Romney, trying to usurp the Constitution and the Supreme Court.


Obama too??? I guess Hawaii is in US.

Its worth noting that Romney is implying that Obama wasn’t born in US.


.@tedcruz is a “natural born citizen.” Obama too. Even George Romney. This isn’t the issue you’re looking for.

— Mitt Romney (@MittRomney) January 8, 2016

That support and $3 million will get you an automobile elevator for your gated mansion.

It seems that there is enough uncertainty about the meaning of the words “natural born” that the SCOTUS should take this up and resolve it once and for all. I’m certainly not just taking Mitt Romney’s word for it.


OHBuMMer wasn’t bORN in the US. He was BORn in HaWAII, a HAven for Japanese, KEnyan anchorBABies, and MUSLIM manchuriarista.


Cruz and Romney were anchor babies.


Is Mitt still alive? Didn’t know that. I thought he had been trampled by Obama and Rafalca.



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Trump: Now we know why Romney was rejected by American electorate. His father was born in Mexico(rapist country).

Do we want republicans to nominate son of a communist, born in Canada, Ted Cruz?


I thought SCOTUS only took cases without petition when an outcome might favor the right wing?


As was Fred Trump.

Mittens(shakes head)… Your dad got benefit of different laws because of when he was born. Cruz was born in 1970-1971 and so is covered by a law dating to 1962 which outlines who is a natural born citizen. In Cruz’s case his mom needed to spend 10 yrs in the US and 5 of those years needed to be after the age of 14. ERGO, she had to be at least 21 at the time of his birth in Calgary. Apparently she was. Mittens… your father had a different set of laws to deal with. Here’s the history legally speaking of citizenship law.

In the case of George Romney who was born in 1907 this language applies:
“That all children born outside the limits of the United States who are citizens thereof in accordance with the provisions of section nineteen hundred and ninety-three of the Revised Statutes of the United States and who continue to reside outside the United States shall, in order to receive the protection of this Government, be required upon reaching the age of eighteen years to record at an American consulate their intention to become residents and remain citizens of the United States and shall be further required to take the oath of allegiance to the United States upon attaining their majority.” (Act of March 2, 1907, Section 6, 34Stat. 1228, 1229.)"
Did George take that oath? Ever?

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Mittens is a regular profile of courage, admitting President Obama is a natural born citizen, after 8 years of birther nonsense. The real reason Obama is a citizen is because he, in fact, was born in the USA, unlike the other 2.


and surf boards

I don’t think he’s implying that at all. In fact, what Romney is saying would negate the birthers’ beliefs. Even if Obama was born in Kenya, his mother was an American citizen. Therefore, Obama would be a natural born citizen just like John McCain, Ted Cruz and George Romney.


He surely is. Obama has nothing whatsoever to do with being a foreign born. Either Romney is implying he is unsure where Obama was born or born in Kenya. Only other choice is Hawaii is somehow not considered part of US(which lot of wingers will buy).

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There is apparently some question as to whether or not Cruz’s mom was a US citizen at the time of Cruz’s birth in Canada. Apparently she had dual citizenship and may have given up her US citizenship to be able to stay in Canada…lengthy discussions on other threads. If she wasn’t a US citizen at that time, Cruz would be an illegal alien and one would have to wonder about his senator from Texass eligibility.
How great would that be, boys and girls!!!