Discussion: Romney Rides To Rescue For Roberts In Tight Kansas Senate Race

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“Rides To Rescue” is a more exciting concept than “Records a Robocall.”


Isn’t any call from Mittens a robocall?


The GOP must be very afraid that Robert’s has lost the ability to run his own campaign. They’re counting on him winning so they can put Kobach in his seat shortly after the election. That means they can appoint someone to fill Kobachs seat, meaning that Kansans get governance without elections at all. They’ll be able to fill the vacancies without any voice from the people of Kansas. True intentions. Counter to the principles.of democracy.

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Republican strategy… Rand Paul, John McCain, Romney… send in the clowns…


Romney very effectively “rescued” voters when he lost, take note Kansas.


I bet Roberts thinks he has had about all the GOP help he can stand.


Go ahead and drop the mic.
You win.


Because nothing says support like a Robocall.

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So will Mitt be driving his station wagon through Kansas with a megaphone and his dog strapped to the roof?

I can just see it now…riding his trusty steed Rafalca to Kansas with the William Tell Overture in the background. “We Must Save R-o-b-e-r-t-s.”

Finally, fade to black…

Isn’t Rafalca glue and in packages of Chef-boy-ar-dee by now?

Mitt ain’t shit, that’s the campaign slogan that precedes Mittens.

I’m not sure what reputation precedes angry make believe War General McCain and I’m against what I’m for Plagiarizing Paul is ; )

Bring along the Mayor of London for support, Mittens.These days, it’s always to good to tout the Foreign Policy angle.

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And here’s Mittens on the scene!

Yep. Classic TPM kowtow to the GOP. Absolutely classic. And no one at TPM is held responsible for headline trash like that.