Discussion: Romney Must Compete In Primary For Senate Seat


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The two men have shown signs of making peace, and Romney has accepted Trump’s endorsement for Senate. But Romney said Saturday he hasn’t decided whether he’ll endorse the president’s 2020 re-election bid.

Either Romney has a political death wish or there is some pretty interesting polling out there.


I’d love to see Mittens lose the nomination. Because he’s Mitt.


Not crazy enough for Utah. Wow.


Utahans love their Romney, but a small, very vocal minority of Utah Repubs likes their wingnuts even more.

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While in office he signed legislation that greatly expanded access to health care through state-level subsidies and individual mandates to purchase insurance, much like Obamacare.

While I won’t get into the ‘tomato, tomatoe’ argument, both Romneycare’ and that 2012 loss are two issues that could dog Romney going into late June.

Also, a need to rebel against the mainstream is an important reason why Luther Strange ended up losing in the primaries.

Now Romney should get over and beat whoever state Democrats put out there, but…




who got 51 percent of the vote to Romney’s 49 percent.

I have it on good authority that the AP got RMoneys percentage wrong, it’s 2 percent lower.


[quote]Gathering signatures to make the ballot is unpopular among many
conservative delegates in the state who say it dilutes their ability to
choose a candidate.[/quote]
So let me see if I understand this correctly: Republicans think Hillary Clinton committed imprisonable offenses by trying to arrange early support from the Democratic insiders, rather than letting other candidates compete openly; but Republicans want their insiders to be able to select their nominee without having to solicit support from their party’s members.

Rank hypocrisy.

I’m not seeing how this party rule advances the democratic process, either. If Mike Kennedy got 51 percent, why shouldn’t he get the nomination by the same rule, and why will he have to compete in a primary when Romney would not have?


But Romney said Saturday he hasn’t decided whether he’ll endorse the president’s 2020 re-election bid.

Just stop. You didn’t even do anything when Trumpp took your name away from your daughter.

He knows you are as spineless as you are desperate to be back in office again. If Trumpp survives the investigations and his incompetence in good enough shape to be a viable 2020 candidate, you will roll over and show your belly any time Trumpp comes near.


Poor Mutt. You thought you would waltz into the senate. Didn’t you learn anything in 2012? Being rich isn’t enough.


This is the GOP, so democracy is not a consideration.

Candidates can qualify for the primary ballot by signatures or by winning the convention vote. Romney had signatures, so he didn’t need to win to get on the ballot. Kennedy didn’t have signatures, so Romney would have been the only qualifying candidate if he beat Kennedy in the convention vote.


Guns Only Party does not believe in fair and open elections. Take a look at all the voter suppression efforts going on to influence 2018 mid term elections to see what I am saying.


Oh, okay, at least there is an impartial rule rather than “because party boss says so.” Thank you for explaining that. None of the other ten candidates, including the “one dressed as Abraham Lincoln, complete with vest and bow tie” gathered enough signatures? Why did they feel qualified to contend without this basic step, which is required in most states either by state law or by party rule? I guess Utahns and Utahans have a different idea of being qualified.

You can tell by this phrasing that I do crossword puzzles.

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Romney remains the heavy favorite overall
he was edged out by state lawmaker Mike Kennedy, who got 51 percent of the vote to Romney’s 49 percent.

mmm I got 98 cents and he has 100 cents.
So I got more and I am richer.
Try again:
I got 49 % and he got 51% of the vote.
So I am winning by 2% of the vote.
Try Again?
Nope, to hard to do romney math, my brain won’t twist that far. lol

I’ve decided that “(var.)” simply means “spelled incorrectly.”

Nice one.


Even the GOP thought that candidates ought to be able to go to the ordinary voters and collect enough signatures to get on the ballot and that a convention of self-appointed party activists ought not to be able to,override that.

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Wait … They shoot flags from a cannon?? That they then have to sweep up? How … umm … patriotic and totally keeping with the flag code.