Discussion: Romney Calls On N.H. Cop To Resign After 'Vile' Racial Slur About Obama

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So Romney is working on his image. First supporting a minimum wage, and now this. Anybody fooled?


I’m going to cut Mitt some slack here. He might still be a massive tool, but he did the right thing in this instance.

Look at it this way: how many other nationally prominent GOPers have done this?


Get me smelling salts! A Republican stands up to the vile racist crap being spewed about Obama.

Also, I’m sure this has nothing NOTHING to do with Mitt makin’ a comeback. Nope.


lol Ole mitt, did you get the same testosterone rush when you did the mittens slam to obama during the debate which you failed miserably at? As far as copeland goes, remove and replace, give him the school crossing job for the rest of his term if he will take it.

Yes, listen to the guy whose church didn’t let in blacks until the 1970’s.

If anyone knows racism…

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Somebody ask Copeland just what his “criteria” are, for using that word.

Get the guy talking. The more he talks, the quicker he loses his job.


“he meets and exceeds my criteria for such.”

That criteria would be" being a black and a Democrat.

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Then ask him if there are any n*****s living in his town.

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“No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised.” Campaigning in Michigan, I’d say this is vile in a shifty Mittenesque way.


Please proceed, Governor!

I have not heard of any prominent GOP types commenting one way or the other. But then I must say I haven’t looked to find any. Does it take the fact that Mittens has a home in Wolfeboro to prompt him to make a comment? Can he not do that w/o such a situation?

But, but… Our Republican Supreme Court says racism is a thing of the past!!


If Wolfeboro has a town manager without the authority to remove a commissioner, then such a commissioner is elected directly by town voters, or is appointed by an elected mayor and/or elected city council.

Does the Wolfboro charter permit removal from office for cause outside the regular election cycle? If it does, then town’s mayor/ council can rescind their appointed of Mr. Copeland; the town’s voters can recall him via special election; the town’s voters can pressure the mayor/council via elections.

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The questions are moot; Romney did speak out.

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Good that he did it (assuming he is sincere). Pathetic that there was even a reason his statement was called for.

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Scott Brown is keeping a low profile on this, heh?


No, No, No and No . . . He either didn’t want to be at odds with his neighbors so he can still be treated like royalty or he could smell which way the wind was blowing.

When EtchASketch, finger in the wind Mitt beats you to the punch, you know you’re lagging way behind on an issue.
The RNC missed yet another opportunity for "Minority Outreach. A shame.


I’m happy Mitt spoke out – it’s the right thing to do. It doesn’t change my opinion of him one bit, but as a part-time, and rather high-profile, resident of the town, what choice did Romney have? Say nothing or condemn it – those were the only options, and the former was hardly viable.

My continuing concern here is that the quote is only being referenced as “saying the N-word,” which, in fact, is only half the story. Copeland called the President “a fucking nigger,” which is pretty much the apex of vitriolic racism. It should not be minimized as just “saying the N-word,” which is actually mild in comparison.