Discussion: Roger Ailes: I Called Trump And Asked, 'What The Hell Is Wrong With You?'

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What The Hell Is Wrong With You?

So, what was his answer, Roger?


Thankfully, Roger had received that same question from rational people every day for so long his delivery to Trump was perfect.


The real question is why does Ailes feel a need to bring this up now? I thought we’ve already been over this same ground a few times already. Is there a purpose in bringing this up and then once again saying everything is actually copacetic between them? Sounds more like a way to change the subject to me…Faux is especially good at that, and Ailes is usually behind the directorial bait and switch that the rest of the media loves to soak up…for whatever no-good reason.


Roger, you primed the pump and now are bitching about the water?

     Despite all that, Ailes told Adweek that "surprisingly enough" his relationship with Trump is "friendly."

As these two do the “69” — Sounds like any other NSA relationship —


So he’s finally admitting that Fox is the Republican propaganda network and not “fair and balanced” at all?


The more establishment GOP’ers try to bash tRump the more his base will love him. So keep going Mr. Ailes, and your buddy Mr. Murdoch too, just keep putting him down. He will be YOUR candidate soon enough.

You were happy to fire up the TP base when it was getting you the results you wanted. Now the beast is out of your control and you don’t know how to handle it. Poor Fux.


He didn’t just prime the pump—he also took a shit in the well.


So the Fox noise channel consults with and advises candidates? Got it.


Was this call before or after they promoted Trump ad nauseum?
This is quite the conundrum for Faux, do they go with the eyeballs that Trump attracts and live with the horror that Trump might just be their candidate or do they demonize him and sizzle the brains of the crossover Trump supporters/Faux robots?

Ailes should walk up to a mirror, take a hard look, slap himself in the face repeatedly and then ask himself the very same question and add, is it worth wrecking the greatest nation on Earth over-can’t conservatives win without the hype, misinformation and blatant lies?


Yes, it is odd, both the timing so long after the Kelly incident and what he’s either trying to communicate to us or to Trump. Perhaps it’s his attempt to control the FrankenTrump he helped create or warn others in the GOP/Faux News coterie that his actions and words are hurting all the down-ticket GOP prospects.

And yes, it would be great to hear the Trumpet’s reply…although we likely never will.


Two hyenas remain friends. Not surprising.


So, Ailes wonders what’s wrong with Trump, but only Trump’s criticism of Kelly prompts the question? Not the other several dozen completely absurd, offensive, hateful things Trump has said lately? He gets a pass on all of those?


Exactly correct and why is TPM phrasing the headline as as to lead us to believe he may have asked that of Trump for his recent ridiculous rhetoric. But then, we know the answer.

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Kabuki theater. They’re just like “pro rasslin’” rivals - on the same side, and takin’ money from folks who believe in their schtick.


Ailes and Murdoch definitely DID do that.

Presently, instead of a having a mature (aged 50 and above) electorate somewhat penetrated by Right Wing propaganda, we have a Lost Generation irretrievably GONE.

To combat this shift Rightward, we have untrained (in the Humanities) Millennials asked to do the types of thinking that are commonly associated with those over 40…all while their elders, instead of providing guidance, are, instead, screeching FOX and Talk Radio drivel.

In 1968, when I was 20, I was surrounded by those aged 25, 30, 35, 55, 65 who all were more or less limited by their own peculiar age-cohort experiences but nevertheless came together on some basic items necessary for the American experience.

  • Those aged 65 might have known about the Depression first hand, and how we came out of it
  • Those aged 55 might have known about the challenges of WWII
  • Those 35 might have known about Korea and about the nascent Civil Rights struggle
  • The 30-year olds may have been Civil Rights veterans

In 2015, with the CyberGeneration on one bookend, unable to outvote the FOX Generation on the other, Ailes, Murdoch and company could not have done a better job if they were both KGB plants.


Ailes, like Trump, is a disingenuous bastard. He aided and abetted the creation of this monster and all of the RWNJ monsters. Now he acts offended. It’s bull shit.


Exactly, and I bet the issue wasn’t even about defending Kelly, or that Trump offended someone Ailes likes and employs, but that Trump’s feud with Kelly was negatively effecting her ratings.


I dunno…

isn’t it sorta like appeasement? instead of giving up land for peace Ailes gives up air time for ‘peace’ with Donnie Dipstick…

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