Discussion: 'Robot Rubio' Activist On Tussle With Campaign Official: He Put His Hands On My Neck!

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Seems like Rubio is as thin-skinned as Trump, but without the “charming” audacity to go with it.


Example No. 7,382 why mockery and ridicule are by far the most effective tools in any campaign’s arsenal.


"But Hurst cast Black as the aggressor in the run-in, telling Breitbart in an interview that “he just attacked me.”

LOL! Black is chanting when someone with a Rubio sign steps in front of him and pushes him. Hurst then grabs Black around the neck. I had to laugh when Black said, "Do you realize all these cameras are here and it doesn’t look good?”

Hurst lets Black go and walks away. We can clearly see Hurst was the aggressor. I do hope Black goes to more Rubio’s meeting dressed like a robot. Ha,ha.ha.


I don’t see why Josh thinks Rubio has a problem with any of this. He was in a three-way tie for third place. That’s always worked out well in New Hampshire, right? I think it was the robot vote that did it for him. Having them see the ease at which Rubio’s people dealt with one of their own could only have helped. Robots respect authority.



Seriously though, Rubio’s people are dumb. If it were me, I would have brought the robot on stage and made him a prop in my speech, since his sign wasn’t particularly negative at all and made it just look like he’s a Rubio supporter who happens to be a robot. But I guess Rubio’s programmers probably didn’t have time for that sort of thing, and he likely would have just told the robot to dispel once and for all with the fiction that the robot doesn’t know what he is doing, because he knows exactly what he is doing; before blowing a fuse and shutting down.



But Hurst cast Black as the aggressor in the run-in, telling Breitbart in an interview that “he just attacked me.”

“We were right crowded together and he just almost knocked me down,” he said. “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. I mean, he was violent against me.”

Yo, Hurst, I know it’s a brave new world and all, but we have this thing now, called video.

Next time, before lying about being attacked, you might want to check the video to make sure it doesn’t contradict the lie you’re about to tell, or show you sneaking up on Black and blatantly putting him in a chokehold from behind.


I mean, really, this is the caliber of people Rubio has running his campaign?


Really clever way of keeping the whole robot meme under wraps. Heck of a job, Durstie!


The Rube isn’t helping by adding fuel to the fire and constantly giving new ammo to his opponents.
The water thing, especially considering the place that he did it was a major screw up that will haunt him forever but now he’s beating up silly protestors for clowning his lame campaign performance.

Note to everyone; DO NOT drink water in front of the Rubebot, he could malfunction and go all T-2000 on your ass.


I give iProtester credit for showing up at a Macro Rubio event with an obvious mocking message. If Rubio’s campaign chair had shot the protester in front of that crowd Rubio probably would have gotten second place

Probably the only complaint from the right wing would decrying journalists not describing the firearm used to shoot the activist accurately in media reports


Yeah I don’t see any aggression on the Robot’s part. All the aggression comes from Rubio’s staff. Kind of hard to refute that video.


“Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Cliff Hurst doesn’t know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Cliff Hurst is undertaking an effort to change this country, to make New Hampshire more like the rest of the world.”



Well golly, I guess it is! :slight_smile:


Can it be true? That all of the pissed off Canadians that tumbled the Alberta lock-step, and then tumbled Canada. Could it come to America?

It could happen? Most people (my take) are that pissed off.


Check out Josh’s latest post. He seems to think Rubio’s done and I think I agree with him. :slight_smile:

EDIT: And if Rubio is truly fucked, that means either Hillary or Bernie will win, period.


Who cares about scRubio?

It’s happening. We have candidates calling other candidates “pussy” for not endorsing torture. tRumps kid, Eric, says water-boarding goes on at frat houses every day. “It’s like hazing.” (Eric has no first-hand experience — but he knows. Like his dad.)

Hep me, hep me.

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Technically, it was Trump’s supporter that called Cruz a pussy. Trump merely amplified the message. But seeing as how at the beginning of his campaign Trump not only attacked John McCain’s war hero status but all POW’s by saying he “liked people who weren’t captured” and got away with it…I fail to see why you think it’s just happening now.

This is what happens when conservatives have a black president kick their asses for eight years. They go a little crazy. At least Clinton gave them the joys of special prosecutors, endless investigations, and a real deal impeachment to wrap things up. Obama has been pissing in their Cheerios since day one and they’ve got nothing to show for it beyond endless buckets of impotent rage. Just be glad they’re only name calling, since the jerks in Oregon have shown what happens when things get real.