Discussion: Rob Ford Takes Leave From Office After He's Caught Allegedly Smoking Crack Again

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Good luck to you Rob Ford. Thank you for giving the city a well deserved break.

Let us hope he signs up for a very loooooong stint in rehab. He’s really pitiful and the people of Toronto deserve better.

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I dunno. This kinds reminds me of Anthony Weiner; you want to give him a chance because everybody makes mistakes and they say they are sorry and have changed but then find out they are engaged in the same action that got them in trouble in the first place…?
This may be the straw that broke the camel’s back for Ford.

But the more serious question remains: Was Magic in on the secret taping? Was it a set up; perhaps someone placed the pipe in his mouth and made him smoke it?

Prediction: He leaves rehab before his mandated time is up, insists he’s “licked the problem”, and now people can trust him (and re-elect him). It’s the Baldwin Method of Rehab: Go in to avoid jail, take off when you’re tired of people telling you what you need to do. Narcissists don’t respond well to that sort of thing.


Somehow, there’s something particularly pathetic about the phrase “caught smoking crack in his sister’s basement”. Man, you’re the mayor of one of the largest cities on the continent - couldn’t you go to an expensive hotel or a snazzy nightclub?


I wouldn’t want to be in a rehab group with him!

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If he was in the US, all he would have to do is go to church and do the Jimmy Swaggart thing. Republicans would still back him!


I swear, everytime I read an article about this clown, I miss Chris Farley. I can just picture him doing Ford - talking about smoking crack in a van down by the river…would have been epic.


He is the analog to the GOP. He embodies their spirit.

Didn’t the city council already relieve him of all his duties? How much more of a leave can he take?

Hmm…Ford’s earlier “I don’t remember if I smoked crack because I was in a drunken stupor at the time” statement didn’t sound much like saying “I’m sorry and I’ve changed”. More like “I do what I want, muthafuckah!” This is more the straw that makes him just look pathetic instead of laughably crazy.

Also, while I’m not one of those who thinks this doesn’t deserve coverage, judging from the ed blog it seems like Rob Ford news is crack to Josh :smile:

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On a much more cynical take…he’s behind almost 10 points in the polls to Olivia Chow (widow of the former leader of the NDP, Jack Layton) with only about 5 months until the election.

There are probably several more tapes of him in existence (clearly he’s not MENSA material knowing he’s been caught on tape once already and here he is doing it again), and the only time he seems to have any kind of self reflection of his destructive behaviours is when a shoe drops. And then, it’s not so much he’s sorry for the behaviour…he’s sorry someone caught him and called him out on it.

He’s a narcissistic rube (much like his brother) who is beyond the ability to be embarrassed by his actions, and probably one of the least worthy “politicians” out there for media coverage in this country short of the draconian PM. Stop feeding his ego, folks.

/rant over


Nailed it in one, you did.

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“It was all a misunderstanding. Crack? I thought that guy on the street corner said he wanted me to FRACK!”

Ford’s suburban supporters: “Meh. Nothing to see here.”

His sister is an admitted drug addict. The Fords are a good example of 2nd generation wealth gone wrong.