Discussion: RNC Reminds Trump That Delegate Rules Were Set In October

Donnie Dimwit:


who’s idea was that? I was busy with my Hallowe’en costume and getting ready for Dia de los Muertos in honor of our Mexican immigrant amigas…


This patchwork of state-by-state rules is truly beyond ridiculous. But the case will never be made by a guy like The Rump, who only notices when he loses.


That was already at least two debates into the process, which seems crazy.

There are rules and there are rules. Sometimes the real reason for rules becomes apparent when they are actually used in the real world. As an outsider looking at the Colorado GOP version of democracy it looked odd. When you see something odd in Southern politics you know it’s about race. When you see something odd in in a state like Colorado you know it’s about religion. The hard core evangelicals in Colorado Springs are one of the few groups that would benefit from the level of fanaticism you would need to succeed in this ‘election’. My prediction is that they will try to export this Rube Goldberg system to other states in order to consolidate power.

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Oh you big ol’ hulking RNC bullies! Keep trying; keep hitting him…but The Donald and his mouth breathing devotees don’t give a shit about your rules…and they’re going to be waiting on you in Cleveland! Mmmmm…more popcorn!

BTW: Make that convention ‘open carry’! No gun free zone in Cleveland. C’mon NRA…put up or shut up and prove that a well armed society is a polite society. Here’s your Big Chance!


I love how these guys ‘count’. ‘They have been set for a YEAR…’ ‘uh YEAH, October-April…a YEAR’…Obama can’t appoint a SC Justice because he’s a lame duck! Ummmm hmmmm…it was a YEAR until ‘lame duck’ status but WHAT THE HELL…no wonder they attack education. They don’t want to be found out for the stupid shts t hey are.

The opportunity for multiple Darwin Awards at the GOP convention is too good to let slide. The country and the world can only benefit by the legal (in Ohio) exercise of 2nd Amendment rights inside the Convention hall. What could go wrong?


Yes, October. Which was right around the deadline for New Yorkers to change their party affiliations.
Coincidence? I DON’T THINK SO!

meaning they couldn’t change their affiliation to Colorado?

I hope I don’t live to regret these words but I really don’t care what the FundiGelicals do from state to state because how the GOP nominates their candidate is none of my concern. The GOP is unlikely to win the White House for at least a few election cycles because it will take that long for them to have even a slight chance at winning minorities, women, LGBT, or many other groups they’ve chosen to denigrate for years.

ETA: October was a rough month for Trump and the Trumplings since they failed to read the GOP rule book OR to change their registrations to be able to vote!

How the hell is he supposed to be concerned about a decision made in October 2015 when he only announced his candidacy in the preceding June? You expect Donald Trump to pay attention?