Discussion: RNC Goes After 'Dirty And Unethical' Harry Reid For His Koch Attacks

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And all this time I thought Dirty Harry was a conservative hero.

I’m just wild about Harry.

I love the sound of Reince whining on Fox and Friends. It is the sound of Democratic victory.

Let me see if I have this right. According to Mr. Priebus, Sen. Reid is unethical because he is making “partisan” attacks on his Senate website that is paid for by taxpayers? Do I have this as pretty much correct? Because if I do, I would like to point Mr. Priebus to the websites of my 2 Republican Senators, Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. Tim Scott, and read the vicious partisan attacks by both Senators against the Affordable Care Act and, particularly Sen. Graham’s beating of a dead horse theme, the Benghazi terrorist attacks.

Mr. Priebus needs to learn and then live by the old saw that my father taught me: People who live in glass houses ought not throw stones.

Hell no. He’s been slow on the uptake about how obstructionist Republicans would be, but anyone who thinks he isn’t on the side of the angels and a fighter really paid no attention to his reelection campaign. I’m pleased with Reid, but not surprised. He apparently no longer cares if Republicans get pissed at him.

The movie character.

Add two more chairs for the faces Reid put on economic terrorist (Romney) and domestic terrorist