Discussion: RNC Dismisses Dems' Accusations Of Illegal Poll Watching As 'Hearsay'

The RNC has maintained that it has followed the decree, and that comments made by Trump or his campaign surrogates alone aren’t enough to implicate the committee in poll watching efforts banned by the decree.

Is the Pennsylvania GOP exempt from that statement?


Ok, so they’re making some claims, and you’re making some claims. All you have to do is give a special master access to your entire file system, and let the results be published.


Says the Alien Reptilian Overlord’s committee to elect the Bigly Orange Shitgibbon.

Or is that just hearsay?



Yes, but all those accusations the RNC has made about voter fraud are soooo well documented.

(OT, but I’m thinking Rowan Atkinson should play Rince Platypus in his biopic. Mr. Bean would be apropos for so many good reasons.)

“[The Democratic National Committee] relies almost exclusively on news accounts containing inadmissible double and even triple hearsay,” the RNC filing read.

Says the party whose own candidate claims without a shred of evidence that the Democrats are attempting to rig the election in Hillary’s favor.

Pot, meet kettle.