Discussion: RNC Chair: GOP 'Cooked As A Party' If We Don't Win 2016 Election

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“But Priebus said he feels “history is on our side.””

but not the future…

Isn’t that why they call them conservatives?


The Republicans cooked as a party, Reince?
From your lips to god´s ears, as they say.


offers a fork ======E


As is Putin.




I would say history is pretty pissed off at the RNC too.


This is a direct effort to dislodge Trump, Carson and Fiorina.


From your lips to God’s ear, Reince…


Reince, stick a fork in your Party. You’re done.


The head of the RNC says the Party is crooked…whoops!


" “We’re seeing more and more that if you don’t hold the White House,
it’s very difficult to govern in this country — especially in Washington
Says the head of the party that has utterly failed to govern primarily because they hate that there is a black president in the White House.


A party that wins midterms because they have gerrymandered the shit out of this country


RNC Chair: GOP ‘Cooked As A Party’ If We Don’t Win 2016 Election

Actually you been cooked for a while, losing in 2016 will just be further proof for your remaining voters will ignore.


And the last GOP prez did such a swell job…


As the Frankenstein monster ravaged the landscape sucking all the air and money out of the JEB! (the chosen one)



I love the smell of roast elephant in the morning… It smells like victory.

But seriously, winning is not everything as the R’s claim. Governing a great nation is more important than the outcome of a football game. If politicians would focus more on the process of representing their people instead of counting coup, they would be relevant to a lot more people.
The concept of total corruption by anyone who can come up with a bag of cash so that the politician can buy the most teevee time and get reelected is exactly why our system of government has degenerated to a handy tool for oligarchs. Voter anger is the logical product of such corruption.
Trump and Carson as the top two contenders on the R side see and exploit the anger of voters who only know they are getting less and working harder. So T & C focus voter anger on scapegoat groups like immigrants and the wholly imaginary welfare queens with who really are not anything like actual pressing problems that need to be dealt with. T & C stoke the anger to make acts against immigrants and Blacks acceptable. They are doing exactly what previous fascists did to take control and become dictators.




Priebus is right in aligning the health of the party to the presidency. The problem they have right now is not winning the general election (although, clearly that’s a problem). The problem they have right NOW is the fact that they’re so scattered on selecting leadership. Their group is ideologically divided at this point and don’t have anything to rally around other than ‘grr lbrlz’ which is itself going to go away as more people realize how many good practical conservative-led ideas have been adopted by the Democratic party.

That’s really, in my estimation, what’s at the heart of the party turmoil. Even more so than increasingly identifying themselves as the party of white people. The fact that the Democratic party has stolen all the good ideas and by virtue of the drive to eliminate cooperation and highlight differences the only thing left for the Republican party has been the stuff the Democratic party won’t touch (mainly because they aren’t good ideas) – anti-marriage for homosexuals, anti-abortion, anti-contraception(???), anti-voting rights, etc. and so on. They don’t have a strength of ideas to run on because they were so quick to run away from the Democratic party agreeing with them that they don’t have any ideas LEFT.

This is just like with the nonsense surrounding the ousting of John Boehner. By probably any objective measure he’s been one of the most successful opposition party Speakers but the Republicans need to run away from bipartisanship so hard that it’s impossible to brag about forcing your opponents to agree to your terms, which used to be the way politics and elections were won. But the electoral victory waves they rode in on weren’t because they promised a series of conservative initiatives and policies – they rode in on a wave of promising to fight Obama (grr lbrlz…) and that Democratic policies would literally ruin the nation. It makes Boehner’s policy victories impossible to count as a victory within the group because by the definition of the platform they ran on they had an enemy to defeat and not a valid disagreement to fight for your ideas over – because, again, the Democratic party started pushing for ideas that were once “conservative” and Republicans ran away from their own victories in the name of purity.


Note to Democrats and Independents and Progressives - GOTV so we can enjoy a communal barbecue next fall. And we’ll be preserving American ideals at the same time. I’ll bring a dessert.