Discussion: RNC Censures Dave Agema Over Anti-Gay, Racist Comments

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Please remove Agema from the committee…he is a burden on the Repubican party and a blot on his church.

He goes to church?


Forget censuring him – how about FIRING him?

Oh, right: Agema’s views dovetail with the rest of your “base.”


I’m kind of blown away that they are even censuring him. We must be making some sort of progress towards “all (people) are created equal”, because I’m pretty sure it’s not that long ago that this guy wouldn’t have even gotten a private talkin’ to. Anti-gay and racist comments can be considered a corner stone of the RNC. Maybe the cockroaches won’t inherit the earth after all.

The Party of Pretext cannot tolerate, nor long survive, officials who willfully refuse hide their true beliefs behind the officially sanctioned and focus-group tested pretexts.


Censured him before or after promoting him??

He’s the PERFECT Republicant.

They are just upset that he said those things openly instead of under his sheet.

How hard is it to just kick the guy out your party? Is there some weird Michigan law that prevents the GOP from saying, “I break with thee, I break with thee, I break with thee,” and then dumping dog poop on his shoes? (h/t Steve Martin)


Agema’s been spreading his garbage for well over a year but, “the RNC executive committee acted in the swiftest way possible,” according to Priebus. Sure glad I wasn’t hanging by my thumbs waiting for the RNC to take action.

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Agema is giving the GOTP angina. Goooooooood…

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Agema is in trouble for publicly stating what most Republicans believe.

When’s Boehner going to hold in the House for censuring Agema? Stupid question, but I had to ask!
By the way, I had some nasty smelling Agema all over the sole of my left boot this morning, must of been the neighbors Great Dane on the loose again!

A public relations move. Not punishment in the least. No acceptance of minorities and women as people.

Clearly he needs a session at the speaking in dog whistles class that the rest of them graduated from,

Now, in case anybody doesn’t know what a censure is, that’s a political version of your Dad scolding you for something like coming in past curfew and you pretending to listen.

Got it now?

This post brought to you courtesy of Mr. Straight Talk™


They can’t fire him.
Did you read the article?

They could fire him if they wanted to. All they need to do is what they try to do repeatedly when it comes to all other things they don’t like…like voting rights, reproductive rights, and other matters at the State and Federal level…They change the fucking rules of the game. They can change the way they oust elected delegates that turn out to be assholes by changing their rules to include something to do with ethics and demonstrating decent moral behavior if they wanted to. But for the party of “family values” that’ll never happen, cause they like having around low-lifes like Agema that appeal to their base. So this is strictly an internal GOP committee rule that allowed this douchebag to advance for nomination at their state convention, not an actual fucking law. Censuring him makes it sound like its so official. It means relatively nothing I’ll bet you.

Like you say, they keep him around for the base. He’s been saying these things for years as a loyal party member and GOP fundraiser; plenty of years, when it was most useful for the bigoted Prince Rebus to have little problem with this type of behavior. Now that the Thugs are facing enormous electoral challenges in the next national election in 2016…its time to kick crazy Uncle Dave out of the living room and back into the barn where he can hang out with the other bleating billy-goats.

And Michigan voters have nothing to do with his position. He was elected by MIGOP delegates as a committee man to the RNC. So they’re only reaping what they’ve sowed. They wanted Teh Crazy…they got Teh Crazy.

Agema has launched his self defense, “Allen West made me do it!”

Dave Agema’s Defense for Posting a Racist Article: I Got It From Allen West, and He’s Black! http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2015/01/15/dave_agema_blames_allen_west_for_racist_article_while_the_rnc_tries_to_figure.html?wpsrc=slatest_newsletter&sid=5388f1c6dd52b8e4110003de

So the rest of the entire Republican Party is Pro-gay and anti-racist we are led to believe?

What will they claim next. Abortion is next to Godliness, that they truly understand and strive for equality?

Then they wouldn’t be Republicans.